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World's #1 Singles Vacations to meet Single Latin womenWhen was the last time that you took a fun and exciting vacation? When was the last time that you met a beautiful, passionate woman reciprocating an interest in you? Wouldn't it be great to combine these two life shaping experiences into one memorable event that could change your life forever? Yes, of course - and now you can. With T.L.C. Worldwide Inc.'s help we can introduce you to that special latin woman who has been missing from your life.
   Your window of romance opportunities awaits!

All you have to do is make a commitment and reprioritize your busy schedule. Since 1992, T.L.C. has helped thousands of gentlemen marry beautiful, traditional Single Latin women from Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America. Most travel destinations are only 3 - 4 hours from Houston or Miami. Single Latin women (Latinas) are renowned for the devotion to their husband, family orientation, and of course natural beauty. Ask any one of our successful clients, and they will admit that they could not have possibly met a more attractive, desirable and compatible lifemate anywhere else. T.L.C. Worldwide, Inc. is the originator of Singles Vacations to Latin America.

Bruce White, President and founder of T.L.C. conducted the first "Singles Vacation Tour" to Latin America with only 5 gentlemen clients more than eight years ago. Since then, the popularity of our company has grown tremendously and we have assisted thousands of gentlemen in meeting their lifemates. Why not take the initiative and give international romance a try?

The Reality of Meeting a Single Latin Woman Starts With You...

Ahhhhh... finally, a tropical vacation.
Long overdue, but you've finally treated yourself. And you won't be disappointed. TLC Worldwide's Singles vacations have been described by our clients as "The Best Kept Secret in America." We refer to our social receptions as "The Ultimate Singles Event" (tm). We don't like to brag, but we undeniably have the best system in the world for sincere gentlemen interested in establishing relationships with the beautiful and available Single latin women of Mexico, the Caribbean, & Central and South America. Picture yourself surrounded by the company of several hundred Single latin women in a dignified yet friendly, social environment. Experience 6 exciting Days & 5 Evenings of heart-racing social events which include (2) Grand Evening Socials, sight-seeing, beach, brunch, pool parties or barbecues.

Singles Vacations to meet Single Latin WomenYou have earned and deserve this vacation. Relax and enjoy yourself by sleeping late, have morning coffee, a local breakfast of eggs, chorizo (sausage), tortillas, hot soup, and your choice of fresh fruits and juices. The local newspaper, your favorite magazine, or book accompanies you. Early afternoon may consist of lounging pool side, sight-seeing, or having lunch with a special lady you met the previous evening or through correspondence. By late afternoon, you may desire a tropical drink at the outside cantina before a short siesta. You'll need your rest for early evening when you will have the opportunity to meet hundreds of different ladies at our social mixers over the next two evenings.

The Friday and Saturday evening socials begin with an informal social period. We then proceed with planned activities which includes the introduction of the gentlemen, food, refreshments, music & dancing. Door prizes are often given later with no cost incurred by the ladies in our program.

#1 Singles Agency to Latin women, Information on Singles VacationsAlthough many of the Latin women in attendance speak English, interpreters are close by to assist you if needed. The interpreters are provided at no charge by TLC. They will even assist you to "break the ice" and introduce you to any woman you choose. Sundays bring either a Bar B.Q., brunch, beach trip, or pool party, with approximately 80 exceptional (selected) latin women at our memorable day event. Don't forget to bring your cameras because the pool side scenery is excellent. This lively and festive atmosphere will remain in your memory forever. And, from the response you will receive from the latin women- it may be the closest most of us will ever come to having the 'status of a celebrity'.

TLC is the innovator & leader of the Singles Vacation Concept to Latin America, and has conducted more Singles Vacations to Latin America than all other Services combined. Our experience, reputation, and stability offers selection and value that are unmatched. We publish color tour brochures with annual schedules. With TLC, you may plan your vacation well in advance and not be concerned about last minute changes. TLC representatives personally guide our tours, and are there to assist you before, during, and after the tour event. We subscribe to the theory "if you want it done right, then do it yourself". Since you are dealing directly with a TLC representative there are no misunderstandings, surprises, or hidden expenditures which occur after your arrival.

Singles Vacations and Single Latin womenCosts vary depending on location, seasonal demand and the accommodations. The superb hospitality, gorgeous ladies, year round comfortable weather, and unlimited social opportunities will make your trip truly unforgettable. The social functions are definitely
"First Class!"
Whether you enjoy dining out with the lady of your choice, the arts, bullfights, beach or casino action- it's your night out. And it's "Men's Night" out every night. We understand you may be skeptical. Order our Latest: "Tour Promotional Video" (only $5.00) and Current Issue ($5.00 without addresses) to review.

Witness the adventure for yourself. Call or write if we can help explain the program to you. If you didn't join T.L.C. Worldwide, Inc. then you didn't go "FIRST CLASS!"

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