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Dear Bruce,

We want to say thanks so much because you made it possible for us to meet in Cali, Colombia on March 8, 1997. We got married on July 5, 1997 in Jamundi, Colombia and we are very happy living together here in Seattle. Please mark Adriana's photograph (No. 0-085 Spring 1997) as "unavailable" and please remove Alan from your mailing list as he no longer needs to look at the ladies. We are deeply appreciative of all of the help that you provided. Thanks again!!

Sincerely Yours,

Dear Sirs,

I corresponded with and married a women from Bogota, Colombia though I'm writing to thank you for your help and assistance in finding the love of my life. I saw my future wife Marcia in your Photomagazine "The Latina Connection." I began corresponding with her in June of 1997 we continued to correspond via letters and telephone calls through the months. Then in January I went to Ecuador to meet my bride, and on February 5th we were married. I have enclosed a photograph from our wedding night. She is the most wonderful thing that's happen to me in my life. I have you to thank.


Dear Sirs,

Today is our first year anniversary and I want to thank you all for giving me the opportunity of meeting my husband. Two years ago I read your add in a magazine. I decided to send my photo and information. You published my photo and that's the way I met my husband. After corresponding for 4 months my husband came to Colombia to meet me. He proposed to me and came back to get me and my daughter when we got our visas. It's not easy to find true love. But with God's and your help we met and live happily. Now, my daughter and I live in a wonderful country where we have a stable and nice home and a future full of opportunities. I want to tell everybody that T.L.C is a nice way to find their better half. With your magazine's help my husband and I traded our lonely lives for one true love. I want to encourage other people to use T.L.C. to find their soulmate.


Dear T.L.C.

I'm writing to thank you for your service. I was recently married in Caracas on July 27 to Diana Santiago (Q346 of your Fall '97 issue), the loveliest woman to ever grace your publication. I had been a member on and off since 1994 but it took the end of a relationship here to spur me into action. I placed a personal ad and also wrote to about 20 women. I received a good response to my letters and received some 150 responses to my ad. Diana's was the second response I received to my letters and instantaneously I knew she was going to be very special. Our relationship blossomed from then on until our first magical meeting in February of this year. We knew that something very special was going to happen and it did. We spent two glorious weeks together and on my second trip in May we were planning our wedding and preparing immigration forms. Now, We are awaiting her visa. I never dreamed I could meet someone I love so much and who loves me so much in return. We are extremely happy we found each other, thanks to you. We await your next tour to Caracas so we can come and thank your personally. Diana and I thank you for our future life together.



It's impossible to put a price on the love and happiness Cristina and I have found with each other. We're very grateful to T.L.C. for making our dreams come true. Keep up the good work.

Thank you,

Dear Bruce:

I first received a letter from Jenny, October 23, 1997. We exchanged many letters and phone calls and faxes back and forth from Lima, Peru. I just had to go to Lima , to meet her and spend time with her and her family. So, on March 18, 1998, I took a trip to Lima, Peru for one week. I was able to spend a lot of time with her family and of course fell madly in love with Jenny. I took a Seiko Pocket translator with me, but Jenny spoke very good English and we had very little trouble communicating. We had a wonderful time and I proposed to her at a small resort called Paracas about 200 Km. from Lima. After buying her a beautiful engagement ring, I reluctantly had to return to Colorado. She and her daughter came to Colorado on July 14th and we have all been very happy together. We are both very thankful for your service and the many things you say about the women in South America is so true!! Please don't hesitate to contact me if I can ever help in any way.



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