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To: The Latina Connection:
I wish to thank you for introducing me to a recent T.L.C. Worldwide lady. Her name is Maria Angelica. She was a member in the recent Spring of 1997 magazine. I sent 25 letters to various ladies that shared similar interests, goals in life and was a Christian. At first, I was impatient. It took three weeks to receive any responses, but they came in and continued to. I was amazed at the number of responses I received after ordering the complete address list for the Spring issue in January 1997.

I have always considered myself an average man, not rich or a very hand -some man, but I was wrong. I continued to write to most of the women, but began narrowing it down to a few. I did not speak Spanish very well, and thought that there might be a communication barrier. Several months passed and I began to narrow the correspondence down to only two. Angelica's letter seemed to display an energy and a desire for sincere friendship and eventually, true love. Maria Angelica spoke some English. We spoke on the phone once a week. I even had the phone company install the special international calling plan specifically for Colombia, South America.I knew that she was very special and I was falling for her. We exchanged many photos, letters and talked for hours. I had to meet her and made a decision to visit her on August 4th. I would spend my long awaited vacation in Cali for 9 days.

The trip was relatively inexpensive. I had a travel agency book the tickets to Miami and then to Cali for $715.00. Perhaps it was love a first sight, which I never believed in. Maria Angelica was young, attractive, intelligent, petite, spoke English and desired a family, like me. She wanted a husband and children. The chemistry was there between us. She met me at the airport with her brother and drove to an economy hotel she had reserved for me, only $25 a day. She realized that I didn't have lots of money to spend and was on a budget. We then drove to her parents, since she was very family oriented. Her parents were excited to meet me, had dinner for me and did everything to please me. Her father even allowed me to drive his motorcycle and did not even allow his own son.

I was treated with the utmost respect and fell in love with her family. Needless tho say, I was also falling in love with Angelica. We saw the sights of Cali and developed a special friendship in a short time. I knew that she was the one. I asked her to marry me on August 6th, she accepted. We were married on August 9th. I know that Angelica’s love is sincere and that our life together will be blessed with such happiness.

Latin women believe in loyalty, faithfulness, sincerity, are hard working and desire to please their husband. I did not find this to be true with most American woman, as I have been married before. Maria Angelica is my fantasy woman and a dream fulfilled. Once again, Thanks for your service.


Dear TLC:
Yolanda (002 Fall 96) and I would like to thank you for making our dreams come true. We recently became married after meeting through T.L.C. Worldwide, Inc.I encourage every single male looking for a lovely, loyal, caring wife to join T.L.C. and make the investment in their future. In the beginning many thought I was crazy, but now they realize they are the crazy ones after meeting my lovely latin wife, Yolanda.Your support on the phone dealing with immigration and other matters shows your commitment to helping others succeed. I would like to point out to others Cali, Colombia is a beautiful place to visit. The people are very warm, friendly and courteous.
Dear Sirs:
I placed an ad in your personal listing last Spring and received over 50 responses. Diana's was the third letter I received and we were married on February 22, 1997. I know you guys are interested in how well your service works for others, so I have enclosed the first photo I received from Diana, and recent photos we had taken for her birthday. I also included a couple of wedding photos and you are welcome to use one in your publication if you wish. I'm returning your immigration notebook. The information was very helpful and I appreciate all your assistance in bringing Diana and I together.
Dear T.L.C.,
This letter is to say thank you for your wonderful organization, without which I never would have met my lovely wife Gladys Amanda (N440) in your Winter 96 issue. I have found Colombian women to be refreshing and sincere. They also are very feminine and understand monogamy and marriage commitments. It goes without saying that every American man should subscribe to T.L.C., he will think he has died and gone to Heaven. Shortly he will see happiness awaits with a latin woman and that great ladies do exist. I will be indebted to you forever,

P.S. If I can do anything for you to help spread the word, I am at your service.

Dear Bruce,

The last twenty two months have been ones of meeting new friends, travel, and most joyful of all finding the love of my life. I wrote many letters and had many responses including several who came here to visit, as well as my own travel. However, Rocio stood out even with the many latin ladies I corresponded with. Rocio is truly a gift from above. We were married December 22, 1996 and are expecting our first child this October. Many thanks for all your advice and your service.

Dear T.L.C.

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet my husband Bruce and to tell all latin ladies "don't get discouraged", because this method of correspondence really works.
God bless you all,


Dear Sirs,
We are taking the liberty of writing to you to send our thanks for the introduction we received through T.L.C. over one year ago. To tell you the story briefly, I had bought a catalog and placed a personal ad at the same time. I received many responses, but the most enticing was from Virna (L031 in the Summer, 1996 Issue). I wrote back, she wrote again, we started to exchange phone calls, etc. In October of last year I visited Cali for the first time and spent one of the best weeks of my life with her and her family. Upon my return, that little $235 investment led ultimately to five trips to Cali, of course an engagement and finally, on August 6th, we received our fiancee visa and departed for the U.S. Then on August 15th, I got married to the most wonderful person in the world, my Virna. And, so again, we offer you our sincerest thanks, and while we will no longer need your services, I would be delighted to recommend your service to others, and would like to provide advice to T.L.C. clients in the future.
Please feel free to use our endorsement in any way you choose.
To: T.L.C. Worldwide, Inc.
Bill: Elena and I saw each other's picture, talked over phone, she came over with children and we got married. Everything worked out great.
Elena: I received a letter and picture from Bill and I love him very much. I'm very happy to be a family in our home. We're sending pictures of our wedding (April 30, 1997). We really appreciate your job. Today, We are a very happy family. You give hope to people like us that receive happiness when we find the right partner and get married. Congratulations for this new program that helps people all over the world.

Thanks again,


In December 1996, I decided to run a personal advertisement in your publication. It was distributed in January 1997. I received numerous responses in the following weeks and months. However, the first one was "THE ONE" We corresponded and talked on the telephone for five months.In July, I traveled to Barranquilla, Colombia to meet the lady and her family. She and her family were fantastic. We fell very much in love with each other during the two weeks I was there. Immediately upon my return to the U.S. I submitted the documents to obtain her fiancee visa. (25 July) She received her visa (October 1 ) arrived in San Antonio Texas, (October 10) and we were married October 16, 1997. She (Liliana) is the most fantastic woman I have ever known or shall ever know. Enclosed are several of our wedding pictures.
Dear T.L.C.
I would like to thank T.L.C. Worldwide Inc. in assisting me to find a latin wife. I subscribed to two issues of magazines and had my photo published in the magazines to be circulated throughout latin America.Upon first communicating with Isabel, I thought there would only be a friendship, as she is 22 and I'm 54. But after spending some time with her I knew I had found a lifetime mate. We were married on June 29, 1997 in Las Vegas, Nevada and are now living in Phoenix, Arizona.

Thanks again,


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