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Dear T.L.C. Worldwide,
Enclosed is a picture from my wedding day "February 7th, 1998". I met my wife Claudia (P349) through your service. Claudia's photo was on the cover of your magazine, last Spring. I flew to visit her last June, and we applied for a fiancee visa in October. I'm very happy with your services. Thank you very much.
Dear Friends,
It was great to meet you, guys. I met my wife at the first party in Cali, Colombia September 96. And I got married in Jan. 97, so its time I send a photo and a letter for your magazine. I sent my friend Sal to T.L.C.. He is in Barranquilla, Colombia at your party, now. I would like to say to your readers that T.L.C. does everything they say and more, and are experts in their field, which I admire. I wish to tell your readers to take your advice, and the rest is up to them. And don't let anyone knock this because if you have success, you would wish you did this long before learning about the negativities of American women.
Dear T.L.C.,
We would like to thank you for your wonderful service. We met through your publication in April of 1997. We immediately fell in love. After many letters and phone calls, we met in person in Cali, Colombia. It was an exciting experience for both of us. Next we traveled to Tulua (Valle), Janett's home town, and then to Bogota. We both had a great time. We were married on September 13, 1997. We have been together in the States since the end of October and are excited about our new life together. Thanks so much for bringing us together. We are now expecting our first baby. These have been the happiest days of our lives.

Thank you,

Hi Bruce,
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet the lady of my dreams "Liliana". (formerly I024 from November 95) She is beautiful, warm, faithful and religious. After corresponding, we finally married last July, 1997 in Cali, Colombia. It was really hard for me to meet someone being a part-time musician with long hair. But my wife judged me by my personality and that's why it worked out the way it did. I strongly advise this service to anyone who believes in old fashioned traditional marriage values.

Your friends,

Dear Sirs,
Thanks to you two and your magazine. I found my beautiful wife Renata in your Winter 1996 issue. We were married in the Dominican Republic in the city of Santo Domingo, in her mother's house on Jan. 15th, 1998. We have a lot of things in Common. She is a very sweet and caring wife. Thank you again for your help and please take Renata's name off your list.

Your's truly,

Dear T.L.C. Worldwide, Inc.
My wife and I wish to thank you for offering each of us the chance to meet, get to know each other and then to get married. After writing to her for about 16 months, I was able to travel to Peru and spend 20 full days in Peru with her. We were married on January 24, 1998 in Lima, Peru just 5 days before my return trip to the U.S.A. I too, was skeptical when I first saw the information that T.L.C. had to offer. But, let me tell you, there is a Latin woman who is right for you if your are willing to take the chance, invest some time, be patient and are willing to learn something new. My wife (previously M085) and I recommend T.L.C. to all lonely men and women seeking true happiness and love.

Thanks TLC,

Dear T.L.C.,
I was skeptical about T.L.C.'s services at first, but I was pleasantly surprised after I took the plunge. I placed an ad in T.L.C. to have ladies write to me. I received about 50 letters from the same number of ladies. I wrote back to all of the ladies and finally got to where I was writing to these 3 ladies. I wrote about 3 months and then decided to visit each of these ladies. I was well received by the ladies's friends and I was sure after that trip, which lady I liked the most. Angela came over on a fiancee visa and we married two months later. We are about to have our one year anniversary next month, and we are very much in love.



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