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Summer 2004 Testimonials

The following testimonials are from actual clients who were published in our "AN" series photomagazine. Purchase our 32 page photomagazine to review for only $5.00.

Dear TLC Worldwide, Inc.,

I was formally a lonely man looking for a special lady without success. Too many women looking for Mr. Perfect or just a good time. After several years of disappointment I decided to try T.L.C. I suggest contacting and visiting different ladies. That way once you see yourself in demand it will boost your confidence and make it easier to win the one you really want. You must realize how difficult it is for these women to have to leave behind their homes and families. But they really want a husband that will care for them and respect them. Rarely can they find such a man in their own country where machismo is such a strong force. So if you are a man looking to care for a woman who will appreciate your efforts, be devoted and dedicated to you, go with Latina ladies. Also they value older men because of their maturity and stability. I am twenty years older than my wife, Dulce. I never thought it possible. When I first wrote to Dulce I concentrated on her and what she wrote below her picture. Also I made sure to include my phone number. I was impressed by her photo but when I went to visit her in the Dominican Republic I was much more impressed. This girl was ten times better in every sense than any girl who had jilted me in the states. However the best does not come easy, but loving persistence does pay off. For well over a year I kept in touch and I visited her country more than once. I fell in love with this land, with its’ beautiful scenery, friendly people, good food and especially for its’ abundance of beautiful exotic women. I found myself to be quite popular among them and it did wonders for my self-esteem. I had the advantage that I learned to speak Spanish years ago. You can still succeed without it but I certainly encourage investing in learning it. After all, knowledge is power. Anyway I thank God and T.L.C that I am now married to a wonderful woman. She is beautiful, intelligent, clean, a good cook, fun affectionate, passionate and much more. I first saw her picture in the fall 2000 issue. I brought her to Chicago on a fiancée visa and we were married on October 18, 2003 sweetest day; Dulce means sweet.

Joseph & Dulce
Chicago, IL

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