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Summer 2002  Testimonials

The following testimonials are from actual clients who were published in our "AH" series photomagazine. Purchase our 32 page photomagazine to review for only $5.00.

TLC Staff

Hi, my name is David, I wanted to thank you now that through your magazine I met my actual wife Carmen in August of 97. We were out of contact for some time but we got back in contact in May of 99. We maintained communication thru letter and via phone for 6 months until November of 99. She came to visit me in Indiana to meet my family. Then in March 2000 I traveled to Colombia to formalize our engagement, later we began the immigration process, until finally in August 2000 she traveled to remain by my side, we were married in September 2000 (civil wedding) and in November 2000 (church wedding). She is a wonderful woman, affectionate, detailed, simple with good family values.

This past November was our first year together, we were never so happy, we understand ourselves in everything, we have many plans for the future, therefore we wanted to write you and share with you our history and pictures, a thousand times thank you again, much luck in all your projects.

David & Carmen
Saint John, IN

Dear TLC,

I want to thank you for all the help on your tour to Cali in 1998. I had a great time and met many wonderful girls. After writing to many of them, I narrowed my choices down to three. It was the most difficult decision I have ever made. I had to choose one. The other two girls I didn't choose were equally as lovely as the one I chose. That is why the decision was so difficult. The girl I chose applied for the traveler's visa and came to visit for three weeks. She went back to Colombia and returned again to the United States after six months. This time she stayed six months and we go married in the fall of 99 here in my city. I got a work permit, and drivers license for her and she got a job here and went to college. Now we just had first baby, three months ago. This is something that we both have wanted our whole lives. We are so happy we have our lives together.

I would recommend your tours especially when they have many girls to meet as the 98 Cali tour. I have referred many friends to TLC and two of them are going to the Cali "02" tour. Thanks again from ESTHER and ME.


Redwood Falls, MN

Dear TLC:

I want to thank the magazine TLC Worldwide, thru your services I met the love of my life, and formed a family beside a wonderful man. And that's why I want to share my testimony and I hope this will help other Latin women (or all the women in general) to know that they can trust TLC services. TLC's magazines makes an extraordinary work by allowing ladies to meet gentlemen with good principles and moral values, who desire to form a family.

I met my husband Michael thru your magazine in May 11, 1995 and we married in September 14 of the same year. We live in Jacksonville near the beach in a beautiful place. This year will be our 7 year anniversary of happiness and joy, we have a beautiful little girl who's almost two years old her name is Julia, she has been the completion to our happiness thanks to you, TLC.

Once again thank you for giving me the opportunity of finding my true love. It gives me great pleasure to know that TLC is still helping ladies & gentlemen find true love.

Thank you TLC.

Gloria & Michael
Jacksonville Beach, FL

Dear TLC,

I met Lucy in Cali, Colombia. I was fortunate that Lucy had a U.S. visa that enabled her to visit a number of times before we became engaged. We were married in the States on December 14, 2001 in Orlando while on vacation. She was totally surprised when I asked her to marry me but she readily consented and we are living in Venice, Florida, where we have begun our lives together along with my father who loves Lucy as much as I do.

Special thanks for all the wonderful people at TLC Worldwide, Inc. who made it all possible.


Edmund & Lucy
Venice, FL

Angela wrote:

Dear TLC,

My husband and I met through your agency about 2 years ago. I saw his picture in a free publication you sent me. I sent him a small letter and we began to correspond for about a year. I arrived in the United States and we have now been married for over 2 years.

Your organization allowed us to experience something that could never have happened without you. I was looking for a trustworthy American man and thanks to you, I finally feel that I have everything in my life and I am very happy.

I have recommended your agency to many of my friends only trying to share my experience with other women. Of course I have found the best man but other women can certainly find and discover their own happiness as long as there are men available.


Jeff wrote:

I personally received over 40 letters from Latin American women from all over. I was very surprised and thrilled, but I settled on Angela for her intelligence and education. I visited Angela in Medellin, Colombia and she took me under her protective wing for the whole week I as there. She was prettier in person than in the picture she had sent me. I felt safe with her and her nice family. I visited her a second time until she could obtain a fiancé visa and come the United States. I believe these marriages are very strong because both people have agreed to this commitment of long time before marriage. The love must also endure through the long wait times our government imposes on immigrants.

Jeff & Angela
Connersville, IN

Dear TLC:

Janet and I want to thank you for your help because without TLC Worldwide, we never would have met each other. I would still be looking for that special woman. Thanks to your company, we started communication over the Internet about 1 year ago, and after a few months of getting to know each other we discovered we had much in common. In July 2002 I traveled to Lima, Peru to visit her.

Janet and I were perfect for each other. During my second visit in November we were engaged to be married in January 2002. We had a beautiful wedding, and Janet will be moving to Mesa, Arizona soon. I want you to know that I was very skeptical about purchasing your magazine. I had many doubts but I wanted to try it and see if it was right for me. I was very happy that I tried your services because it has made my life much happier. So for anyone reading this I would highly recommend TLC Worldwide. "If it worked for me it can work for you." I am a believer now.

Thank you,

Glenn & Janet
Mesa, AZ

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