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Dear Bruce,

I am writing to thank you for introducing Rina to me. I sent in a personal listing in the Summer of 97, and a few months later Rina wrote to me. The day after I received her letter, I also received the fall edition of your magazine. To my surprise her photograph was in it (Q267). After numerous phone calls and letters, I invited her to Houston to spend Christmas with me. Since she was from Bogota, Colombia she went to the American consulate, and was granted a tourist visa to the United States. She arrived on Christmas Eve, and spent nearly two months with me in Houston. Rina went back to Bogota in February because she had to take exams to graduate from dentistry school. However, before she left I asked her to marry me, and she said "Yes". Rina arrived back in Houston in April 1998, and we were married in late May. I am so happy, and I owe it to your company. It does not matter to her that I am not the best looking man in the world or that I do not have a lot of money. All that matters to her is that I love and respect her. We are both very happy and hope to start a family very soon. Thank you so much for helping me find the most beautiful woman in the world.

Sincerely yours,

Dear TLC,

I corresponded with and married a women from Bogota, Colombia though your company. We were married in Bogota, June 20th of this past year. My wife is great to be around. I have a Spanish teacher for free. Everything I have heard about Latin women is true. They are very beautiful, very intelligent and great to be with. Please publish our wedding photo and our letter in your magazine.


Dear Bruce,

I'm writing in regards to thank you for your services. I went on your Cali, Colombia tour in August 1998. I met my wife Sonia at the Saturday night reception. After two months of letters and telephone conversation I knew this was my future wife. We were married back in October 1998. It was a magic moment in my life. We were married in Cali, Colombia with her family and friends. My best man at the wedding has also met a special lady through your Cali tour and he and his fiancée are planning a wedding for March. Sonia and I are very grateful for the service your company provides.


Dear TLC,

Gracious Amigos! For 39 years I've searched high and low. Even across the globe during my military days for a woman I'd be proud to call my wife. I met Beatriz from Medellin, Colombia. I have finally found my soul mate. Finally! I first wrote Beatriz after subscribing to your services in September. I received an answer by the end of the month and flew to visit her in Medellin in October. After another visit I started the Fiancee Visa process in January. In July the Visa was approved. Beatriz came to the States in August. We got married in a beautiful, traditional church wedding in October in Milwaukee, WI. Beatriz is "The Best". I would walk to China for her. You've made me one happy "Gringo". I'm sure that I'm not alone. Just tell your clients to write the women letters, and their dreams can come true too.



This is a thank you note for your services. Omaira Buitrago, from Bogota, Colombia was in your Winter 1995-1996 issue. We met in Colombia in 1996 and again in 1997. My experience with your Company has been outstanding! Your instructions on how to approach correspondence, INS filing and etc. was of tremendous help. Omaira and I struck up an immediate friendship and relationship. Thanks to your Company for providing the services to help us get acquainted. Together we have found much love and happiness.

Thanks again,

Dear TLC,

This letter is to express my gratitude for meeting my wonderful, loving wife during the August 1998 Cali, Colombia tour. I met Gabriela (U190 Autumn '98 issue) during one of the social events and we got married December 5 in Cali. Gabriela and Colombian women are one of a kind. They are genuine, warm, beautiful, hard workers and traditional. My dream of the perfect woman has come true. Her family has been very supportive of our relationship and my five trips to Cali have been very memorable. Please feel free to use our photo as testimonial to our happiness.




We would like to thank you for your wonderful service. I didn't think at first I could use a service like this. But, I realized that all things are possible with God's help as long as your motives are right. I met Fanny in April when she responded to an introductory letter I sent her. She was publicized as O-498. We became friends through correspondence and telephone conversations. After several months of communication with her I decided to visit her and her daughter. I took my daughter with me last June and stayed in Medellin, Colombia for two weeks. We fell in love and I proposed to her after one week of visiting her. Our daughters got along fine. Fanny received her fiancee visa in December and came to the U.S. We were married December 19, 1998. Enclosed is a picture from our wedding.

Thank you very much,

From Both of Us:

Thank you at TLC! We have had the most wonderful time getting to know each through correspondence. After numerous enjoyable memories, we now have the rest of our lives to enjoy together.

Best wishes,

Hello TLC,

I attended your tour to Guadalajara, Mexico in October '98. On Saturday night I met the girl of my dreams. In November '98 she was able to come to the USA to visit me and decided to stay. On December 2, 1998 we were married, and we couldn't be happier. We both thank you for your help in bringing us together.



I want to thank you for the opportunity your agency has provided to both me and to my lovely wife Zuleima. We were married in Cali August 21, 1998 after corresponding to each other for approximately seven months. I first saw Zuleima in the Winter 1997 issue and wrote to her in February. Every day since has been a gift from God. Zuleima possesses qualities I thought existed only in fairy tales and books. She has a romantic spirit and devotion to family and loved ones that is unexplainable with words. I personally want to say to your customers that I have discovered the perpetual feminine spirit that a Latin woman can radiate. In addition, I believe that this spirit combined together with her magnetic qualities are categorically unattainable by a woman from the United States. Soon Zuleima will arrive in the United States and we will begin our adventurous journey together as husband and wife. Zuleima has told me that she thought everybody involved in the tour event in Cali, were very cordial, pleasant and professional. In like manner, she thanks TLC very much for the delightful experience..

Your friend,


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