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Dear TLC,
I was writing to let you know that I was married to Maria on September 28, 1997. She was featured in one of your publications about four years ago. I wrote to her at first, then we started calling each other, and I finally went to meet her in person. I met her for the first time in Miami where she was visiting relatives. About ten months later I went to Colombia and met her family. They are wonderful people and I had a great time. We have been married for a couple of months now, and we are very happy. She believes that the man is the head of the household, so her attitude is a welcome change from what I've experienced in this country. We didn't rush into things and took about a year to get to know each other. We are very happy and she is really special to me. I would recommend your service to anyone and hope you keep up the good work. You have certainly made a change in my life.
Dear TLC,
My wife Cecilia and I met through T.L.C. Worldwide and corresponded for 2 years. On December 5, 1997, we were married in Guayaquil - Ecuador's largest city and leading port. I wish that I had met her a long time ago - she is truly my soulmate! The U.S. Consul indicated that her visa will take 6 months to process. I love Ecuador, and last year I made three trips there. Despite Ecuador's small size, it must be the world's most physically diverse country. My wife's younger sister also met her husband through T.L.C. and married him in Houston, Texas. They now reside in Dallas. I am a fourth-generation Texan, working in another state, and my wife and I would enjoy corresponding with other T.L.C. Norteamericano-Latina couples -particularly with Norteamericano -Ecuadoran couples. Thank you,

Special note: Randolph was so appreciative of our service that he joined T.L.C.'s January 3, 1998 public seminar at the Northwest Ramada Plaza Hotel in Houston. He brought photos of his marriage and shared his experience with those in attendance. We wish to thank all of the couples who have allowed us to publish their new unions as husband and wife.

Dear Sirs,
I have met the girl of my dreams. She is a Colombian woman. We were married in July 1997. Her name is Amelia. When I first wrote to her she returned a very romantic letter. Finally we talked by phone using interpreters. About two months after talking by phone I went to Bogota to meet her. She met me at the airport and we spent the next four days together talking about our plans for the future. We fell in love. She came to the U.S. to stay with me for three months, and we were married 7 months later. She is very intelligent and is learning English very fast. We are very compatible and have a lot of fun together. She is very sweet and kind to me. I thank T.L.C. for their service. I think the women who are in "The Latina Connection" are definitely quality women. I recommend this method to meet beautiful, honest women with good values and customs. Cordially,
Dear T.L.C.,
At this time I would like to write to you and say thanks for giving me the opportunity to meet and marry the love of my life. I wrote one letter to her because I saw her photo in a previous issue. She wrote back 2 weeks prior to my tour to Cali in March 97. She flew from Barranquilla & was everything I wanted in a woman. I knew the chemistry was there after 2 days. The doubters who only think the ladies marry to come to the U.S. are wrong. My wife had to sacrifice by leaving her family, quiting her job where she was for 17 years, and pull her son out of school and take him away from his friends. She didn't even want to travel to the U.S. until December, so she could pay off her bills. This is how conscientious she is. But because of my high phone bills, I persuaded her to come in October since we weren't saving any money due to telephone calls. She is beautiful, intelligent, and can't do enough to please me. She is the most passionate woman I've ever met. I'm shown love many times a day in many different ways. For all those who are thinking about making a trip to one of the countries T.L.C. offers, I can only say don't hesitate. It's well worth the time and money.

Dear Bruce,
My name is Daniel and I married a wonderful woman from Cali, Colombia, by the name of Gisela Sarria de Valdes. We met through your personal listing, and after writing and calling for several months we decided to meet in Cali, and then later we married. She was a widow with two very sweet and loving boys. I am amazed by how much respect and love I received from all of them. I am divorced and my two new sons give me more love and attention than my own three daughters. I want to thank you so much for your service and all the help and support that I received in bringing my new family back to the states. Your Marriage & Immigration Kit was vital and thorough which saved us a lot of time and money. I met several people while traveling in South America who were using other services or who were doing it on their own. These people were suffering greatly both financially and emotionally due to the fact that they were learning as they went along. The average time that these people were waiting for their spouses' visas were 6 to 12 months. With your guidance we were able to obtain her Visa in only 3 weeks from the time that we submitted the applications at the Bogota embassy. We are very happy and my Latina wife is more wonderful than I ever imagined. Everything you said was true about the quality of these women, but you fell far short, probably because it is hard to describe this kind of loyalty to American men who have never seen it before. My wife is extremely loyal and loving. Also, she is much more confident than her American counterparts and I have noticed that she has none of the strange hang-ups that come with most American women. She is very intelligent and protective, and her husband and family always comes first in her life. All in all I am very pleased with the TLC program and I cannot imagine how I would have made it through all the government red tape without the technical advice I received from your office. Thanks again for your service and for making it possible for my wife and I to find each other.





Dear TLC,
I had completely given up on finding the woman of my dreams until I saw your add in a magazine, to correspond with women in South America. My wife, Maria Isabel, (formerly L324) is everything I have always looked for but never found in the women here in Las Vegas. We have the same goals in life, the same values, and we are very much in love. I also have the love of her entire family who have gone out of their way to make me a part of the family. Your Immigration Kit was a great help and thank you again for helping my dreams become a reality.

Yours truly,

Dear T.L.C.,
Please mark Guadalupe (formerly N123) as unavailable. For on December 12th, 1997 we were married at her home city of Tuxtla, Mexico.I want to tell you how happy and wonderful you have made us feel after giving us the opportunity of meeting in such a unique and great way! Guadalupe and I first started exchanging letters on November of '96 and then for the next year we shared our lives, emotions, and feelings that we felt for each other as our understanding and love for one another grew. I have never felt so close to another woman as I did to her. At no time did I ever feel that this would ever lead to anything else except that of a union which we both were hoping would come about from our mutual affection and letters that intertwined our lives. Meeting Guadalupe has changed my life forever. I had met and dated other women here in the States before, but had never felt the honesty, love and affection that I have felt with her. To tell you the truth, before I had met her I had really lost much hope of ever meeting that woman that would be part of my life and give me the opportunity of sharing both happy and sad moments together in matrimony. Again, thank you so very much for introducing me to her, and I would be more than happy to recommend this introductory service to other men out there who are yearning to find that special woman they cannot find here in the States. It really does work!



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