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Spring 2005 Testimonials

The following testimonials are from actual clients who will be published in our " AQ" series photomagazine. Purchase our 32 page photomagazine to review for only $5.00.

Dear TLC,
   My wife and I met through TLC Worldwide, and we would like to presently update you. After writing and talking for several months, I went to Lima, Peru a little over 4 years ago to meet Aleida. We knew instantly that everything was correct, and we were married. One year later we had a son, Joshua, and everyone tells us that he is the most beautiful baby that they have ever seen. We have a house in West Virginia, and one in Texas for the winter. We are a very happy family, and this family would like to thank TLC for bringing us together.

David, Aleida & Joshua
Falling Waters, WV

Dear TLC,
   Hello TLC, I’m writing to say thanks. After I joined your service I found a marvelous person, just like I wanted. We had a short courtship, but with a lot of communication via telephone. We communicated for the first time on August 23rd and our church wedding was on December 25, 2004. We hope that it will last for a lifetime, since our lives came together.


Hello TLC,
   I’m writing to say thanks for your service. Today, as you can see in the picture I’m very happy. To all gentleman out there that have doubts in their minds, just look at my picture. I’m the guy with the big smile.

Rodney & Maria
Little Rock, AR

Dear TLC Worldwide,
   In mid 2002 I received a personal listing of 60 gentlemen. When I saw Waco’s photo and description, I sincerely liked him!!! I sent him a letter, and his response was immediately. It was a special connection from the first time and even from a distance our love was captive. It grew stronger day by day. He is the man of my life. He is everything that I ever wished for! WOW! Sometimes I can’t believe it! He is good, honest, hardworking, faithful, without vices, intelligent, professional, loving, loyal, handsome, and not a macho. We married on November 27 and I am very happy, proud, and very fortunate to be his wife. Thank you TLC. Because of you, I found the love that I was searching for. Today we are together and are very happy.

Sincerely Thanks,
St. Louis, MO

Hello TLC Worldwide,
    After sending in a personal profile I received several letters from many wonderful young women. One morning I had a special feeling when I stopped at the post office. In the box was letter from a beautiful young Peruvian woman. When I read the letter in August of 2002, I knew that I was beginning a process to be with the woman I had been searching for, the love of my life. There were many letters, e-mails, and then trips to Peru. I found that my “special feeling” had been correct. Cecilia was charming, educated, loving, and very beautiful. I’ll never forget the moment that my eyes first met hers across the airport waiting room. (She had been waiting four hours). After many adventures in Peru we are happily married and living in the United States. We are thankful to have found each other, and honestly felt that God had guided us. TLC was our initial connection, our means of crossing great distances to make the first contact, that led to many adventures in Peru, and now the United States. Today, Cecilia is my “Inca Princess.” I am continually receiving comments about how intelligent, poised, and beautiful she is. I love her very much and know that she loves me. I call her “tesoro (treasure)” and really feel that she is one. We are very happy and I want to thank TLC for helping us meet each other.

Waco & Cecilia Ashland, KS

Dear TLC,
My entire life was changed after I met Ines. At the current date we are a happy couple married some months ago. We are in the most beautiful moment of happiness in all our lives.

Victor & Ines Isabela, PR

Hello TLC,
I joined TLC in 2000 and began to get letters in response from purchasing the Personal Listing Advertisement. I was delighted to get so many letters from beatiful women, both inside and out. In December of 2000, a young beautiful woman named Sobeyda from Honduras wrote me a letter. Her younger sister had picked me from a personal listing. We wrote for one year, and I decided to fly to Honduras in January 2002 to meet her and her family. I had a wonderful trip and returned to Honduras for the second time in August 2002. We began to fall in love after several letters. I began a fiancée visa petition and returned to Honduras in September 2003. After 3 wonderful trips to Honduras our visa was granted in May of 2004. In August 2004, I flew to Honduras to bring my fiancée back to the USA. She is the most wonderful woman I have ever met. I am 46 years old, she is 22 - but it never mattered to us. Our ages mean nothing to us, our love is all that matters. On October 1, 2004, we were married in Independence, Missouri. My testimony is that Latin women are beautiful, respectful, caring, thoughtful and so much more. We have many challenges ahead but I have never been so happy.

Mark & Sobeyda Independence, MO

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