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Spring 2004 Testimonials

The following testimonials are from actual clients who were published in our "AM" series photomagazine. Purchase our 32 page photomagazine to review for only $5.00.

Dear TLC Worldwide, Inc.,

We are writing to say thanks to your company with your efforts we were able to find each other in this large world. My Maria Eugenia lived in Santiago Chile , worked as a professional model and wrote to me in November 99 from the information printed in your magazine about me. I was very intrigued by her picture and wrote her immediately. We began a relationship through letters and the telephone. Even though I could not, at that time, speak a word of Spanish, we did very well. I visited Maria in March of 2000 for our introduction. I returned again in September 2000 and we started the process of obtaining a fiancé visa. We owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Gary Bala, who was extremely helpful in this endeavor. After getting the visa. I returned in August 2001 to accompany Maria and her daughter back to my home. On October 20, 2001 we were married in a small church among many friends and family. Our love grows more each day for each other. My wife feels there is not another man in the world like me. I feel my life is now complete and again, many thanks to T.L.C. for all the assistance you gave us. I would highly recommend your services to any man looking for true love from a Latin lady.


William & Maria Eugenia

Knoxville , TN


Hello, friends of TLC Worldwide, Inc. please receive my most respectful greeting. My name is Alexis, and now the wife of a wonderful gentleman named Guy. For a long time I also was part of the group of Latinas searching for a good husband (with luck I found Guy). A men's personal listing came to my hands while still in bed after an accident. I decided to write to a man that interested me in the spring 2002 listing. But to my surprise, the man to which I wrote sent me many photos and was really interested in me. Wow, from that moment my life changed. Two months later Guy traveled to my country Panama , to meet me. We shared very special moments. Almost one year later we married in Idaho . It is a place filled with so much nature. I have a beautiful house and a man that loves and respects me. I want to openly give thanks to TLC because they really changed my life. TLC really put me in contact with the external world and now a days, I have a new life filled with adventures. My husband has 3 dogs which I love very much, my husband also enjoys hunting, and sometimes I also go with him, we share very special moments together.

Take a chance to change your life, let TLC put you in contact with the world that surrounds you.


Alexis & Guy

Richfield , ID

Dear Bruce & Staff

I would like to inform you that on November 26, 2003 my fiancée and I were married in Barranquilla , Colombia . Had it not been for your publication, I never would have met and married such a wonderful lady. Maria and I would like to offer our sincere thanks to T.L.C. Here is a photo of our wedding, and if any future clients of T.L.C. have any questions they may feel free to contact us at anytime.

Thank you,

David & Maria

San Antonio , TX


After placing two ads in TLC's men's personal listings, I finally met the woman of my dreams. We started communicating by phone and letters in early March of 2003. I have justreturned from Colombia after marrying the love of my life, Nubia .

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity because we would have never met if not for TLC.

Thank you very much,

Wade & Nubia

La Sal, UT



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