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Spring 2002 Testimonials

We wish to thank these couples for sharing their stories of happiness with us.

Many other services claim to be #1. TLC's 10 year history has produced more marriages than all other services combined. If you are serious about marrying a beautiful Latina, trust the same company that thousands of gentlemen before you have used with successful results.

In Introductions to Latin American women, TLC remains #1.

The following testimonials are from actual clients who were published in our "AG" series photomagazine. Purchase our 32 page photomagazine to review for only $5.00.

Dear Bruce,

My wife Elizabeth and I just want to thank you for your excellent introduction service T.L.C. I have fulfilled my dreams with my perfect mate through correspondence using your magazine. I wrote my first letter to her in May 2000 and we were married this July 2001 in Lima, Peru. She is 33 years old and I am 46 now. I had used your service over the last 3 years partly just to have pen pals and partly because my friend 'Captain Colombia' (as I call him) travels monthly all over South America meeting lovely Latinas through TLC. I had to hear about all his adventures and see all his photos of exotic women and locations. It was shear torture, so I took the plunge! I recommend it highly a useful tool to find your soul mate. I never thought I would be married, least of all to a girl from South America! Never say never. I urge all you guy's that are interested in meeting the most beautiful women in the world to give it a try. Honesty and values are more important than looks, age and money in the Latin culture. The women are extremely loyal, family oriented and gorgeous, simply beautiful inside and out.

Muchas Gracias,

West & Elizabeth
Los Angeles, CA

Gary and I met on 4 of February 2000 in the Hotel Puerta Del Sol, where I was invited to come to a social event in my city Barranquilla, Colombia. This story is like an unimaginable tale. From the first day me met we knew that we where met for each other and that we wanted to be together for the rest of our lives. We continue knowing each other. And in one week, he proposed to me in front of my family. He had to return to his country, but as soon he arrived to his home he started the filing of the immigration documents. During that time we communicated by phone and e-mails. The most incredible about this story is that I didn't know anything about the American language, his sister helped us with translating. On November 30 we got married here in the United States and to this day we are so happily together. We are very grateful with you and with God in giving us the opportunity of meeting each other.

Thank You,

Maria & Gary
Vancouver, WA

I would like to thank T.L.C. for providing me the opportunity to meet my soulmate through their excellent medium. My wife and I have been married one year now. We were married on December 23, 2000, and recently had our first year anniversary December 23, 2001. Our wedding was magnificent and was performed in downtown Cali, Colombia at the beautiful Cathedral.

Thank you once again T.L.C. for your wonderful service and dedication to helping Alexandra and I become as one. I love you Alexandra and I thank God for you, Jeff.

Jeff & Alexandra
Longview, TX

Dear TLC,

My name is Robert. In Sept. 1999 I took your tour to Bogota. I met my future wife on Oct 3, 1999 at one of the many socials given by you. Emerald and I fell in love and became engaged. On Dec 3, 1999 we were married in a beautiful ceremony in Bogota. We returned to the U.S.A. on Dec 1, 1999. We are still very happy and in love. We wish to thank you for giving us the opportunity to find each other and change our lives in so many wonderful ways.


Thank You,

Robert & Emerald
Hayden Lake, ID

Dear TLC:

My name is Louie Cortes. I was married to Luz Edith Burbano on July 6, 2001 in my home state of Ohio. We first corresponded when I put my profile in the men's photo magazine. She contacted me first by e-mail, and sent a beautiful picture of herself. I knew after reading her email, and seeing her picture that this was a woman that I wanted to corresponded with and get to know better. We e-mailed for about 6 months, and then decided to meet in Orlando, Florida where we both decided to take our vacation. We had a wonderful time together. She went back to Colombia, and I back to Ohio. We continued to write emails, and talk on the phone. About 4 months I made a trip in April to Cali Colombia to see Luz, and meet her family, and friends. What a beautiful country, and the people were all so very friendly. I felt very comfortable down there. We had decided to get engaged in Colombia, and bought the rings there. We set the date for our wedding on July 6, in Ohio, and had a very small, but beautiful wedding with all my family. We have been married now for 5 months, and we would like to thank everyone at T.L.C. because if it weren't for you we wouldn't of ever met.

Thank you very much,
Louie & Luz
Lakewood, OH

Dear TLC:

We are so pleased to write you about our experience with your company. We met each other on 1997 through your service. We both decided to change our lives and took the big step to do something about it.

Dan: I sent my picture for being published in your magazine and at the same time Silvia in Mexico was writing you to request for your men's magazine. I received many letters from Latin women but when I read Silvia's letter I knew she was the one I was looking for.

Silvia: When I received the men's magazine, I looked at the pictures all over the page. Something in my heart told me Dan could be the one. I sent my first letter to him writing everything about me with hope that we could begin a good friendship. But little by little, letter-by-letter I felt in love with Dan, his honesty, kindness, and romanticism made me believe in his love.

We met each other in person on September 1997 and got married on June 1998. Every day since the first letter our love has grown, and grown, and grown….

Dan: I could have searched all over the world and never have found a more loving wife, friend and lover. I feel that I am indeed very lucky to have found Silvia. I love the way she is quick to smile and laugh at things that happen in everyday life. There are too many people that go through life and never seem to enjoy any of it.

Silvia: Dan has been the most wonderful husband I could have ever wished for, always responsible for our family. He cares so much about what I feel or what I want. His love, kindness and dedication to us amaze me all time. He always is trying to surprise me and make my life different everyday.

Since we married our lives have been full of happiness and love. We share everything and do everything together. We have a beautiful house with a four acre yard that is becoming a garden. We choose plants and flowers together. Dan digs holes and I fill them up. We go fishing together. Dan is the captain and I am the mate but we both catch big fish. Dan cleans them up. I cook them and we eat them.
Regarding the culture or language, it has not been a problem. Dan helps me with my English and I help him with his Spanish.

We have to thank you so much for having a service and we hope you publish our letter and let others to know that your company is doing a wonderful job.

P.S. Dan: Please don't publish anymore of my pictures in your magazine. We are still receiving letters from Latin ladies and Silvia has to write them that we are sorry but I am not available anymore.


Dan & Silvia
Fountain, FL

Dear TLC,

Mirey and I were married June 6, 2001 in Barranquilla, Colombia. I met her on the tour in February 2001. This is amazing to me that I could meet such a wonderful woman and then yet married so quickly. Especially since I have been a bachelor all of my life of 51 years. I took the trip because it sounded like a wonderful vacation; a beautiful country and a chance to meet many women. I met Mirey at the photo session and we were instantly attracted to each other. We spent a week together and continued to talk over the Internet. I couldn't get her out of my mind and felt lonely without her. I am very happy being married and wanted to say Thank You for making such a meeting possible. I encouraged all single American men to take a chance and perhaps you will meet a beautiful lady too.

Gary & Mirey
Flint, MI

I saw Yolanda in your summer 2000 edition. I wrote to her in June 2000. After writing back and forth for 7 months, I went to visit her and her family. It was a tremendous experience for both Yolanda and I. We recently got married. I had many concerns about the language and culture barrier. But, if you are patient and willing to work together I believe that many people will have a positive experience too.
Sincerely, Yolanda& Greg
Atkinson, NH

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