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Spring 2001 Testimonials

The following testimonials are from actual clients who were published in our "AD" series photomagazine. Purchase our 32 page photomagazine to review for only $5.00.


Dear TLC,
Maria and I would like to express our thanks to you and to your wonderful and fruitful organization. Together Maria & I have found a new life full of joy & happiness. This would have never happened without the help & products available through TLC.

After two bad marriages and a life full of disappointments and bad experiences, I never thought that I would ever find a lady that I could really love and find happiness with. Well I was wrong!

A friend introduced me to one of TLC’s back issue publications, but it wasn’t until the fall of 1997 issue that a lady caught my interest and stirred every emotion within me. Maria and I wrote to each other for 8 months, exchanged gifts of friendship and shared many telephone conversations. This was the beginning of a wonderful relationship.

On December of 1999, I decided to travel to Lima, Peru, her home town. After arriving at the airport and cleared customs, I walked out of the airport to a waiting area. There were people standing behind a rope barrier waiting for someone on a later flight. As I scanned the crowd I saw Maria waving both arms at me to get my attention.
To my surprise, there stood a slender, tall and beautiful lady, with long black hair and all the features of a beautiful lady. I couldn’t believe my eyes, my heart began pounding, and I could feel the sweat rolling down my back. Boy I was nervous!

The stay in Lima was a memorable encounter with Maria. I had made up my mind to propose to this wonderful lady during my six day stay in Lima. On the last night, I asked Maria if she would marry me. With a smile and a hug she agreed to my proposal.

I returned to the US and began the long process of paperwork for Maria’s Visa. Six months later Maria was legally able to travel to the USA. Maria arrived in Los Angeles in July, eight months after visiting her for the first time. We were married on August 8, 2000. Maria speaks no English, and was born in the jungles of the Amazon River. She is a respectful, loving, kind, and very family-traditional lady. Maria is 23 years younger than myself, but this doesn’t matter to my new wife. She only wants to please and love me.
Guys! As you read this letter imagine this for yourself. This is a rewarding process and it can work for you, too! Be kind, respectful, and truthful because these Latin Ladies truly deserve it so much.

Esteban & Maria
Sanger, CA

Dear TLC:
My name is Carmen Richardson. I was married to James Richardson on April 7, 1998 in my country Peru. Now we have a baby girl 7 months old.
We fell in love because TLC magazine made it possible. After our first month of letters and phone calls, James proposed to me. It was hard to believe that in such a short period of time this could be happening, but it was. After 3 months of engagement, we finally met and on the second day we were married at a beautiful wedding ceremony. We shared this wonderful night with my family and friends. Now it’s been 2 ½ years and we’re a happy couple who found their soul mate because of TLC.

Thank you very, very much. God bless you all

To those who are still looking for a mate, TLC is a wonderful place to look because there are so many prospective mates in the magazines. I believe the only person that won’t find a mate is one that does not sincerely try.

James R.
Park Hills, MO

Kenneth wrote:
Dear TLC,
We are writing to thank you for your wonderful and successful Latin introductions. I met Maria at the social on May 8, 1998 in Caracas, Venezuela. We spent two years in courtship through letters, phone calls, and traveling. We finally got married on May 20, 2000 in Boulder City, Colorado. She is a lovely lady and the best I have known in all of my life. THANK YOU!

Maria wrote:
Your organization and its wonderful goals have changed my life completely. I met the man of my dreams in a very elegant party in Caracas. He is a respectable and lovely American gentleman. All my experience reminds me of the Cinderella story. Now we are happily married and we feel this union will be forever, because it’s based on love, truth, & respect. Thank you very much!
Our new life as friends is very wonderful and close. We have more in common with each other than with people from our own countries. People with good hearts can find their match if they are sincere with good intentions, along with the help of TLC.

Sincerely, Kenneth & Maria
Boulder City, NV



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