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Testimonials Fall/Winter 1999

The following testimonials are from actual clients who were published in our "Y" series photomagazine. Purchase our 40 page photomagazine to review for only $5.00.

Dear Mr. White,
It is a great pleasure that my new wife, Luisa, and I share our wedding photo with you. I ordered your Fall/Winter 1997-photo issue and began to write to Luisa Osorio Delgadillo, an accountant from Pereira, Colombia. We exchanged our first letters in December 1997 and continued to write to each other through 1998. We also exchanged small gifts and telephone calls as well. I made plans to visit Colombia in January 1999, since we determined that this was a good time.

On Sunday, January 24, I left Boston, MA for Bogota, Colombia, with a scheduled stop in Miami to change planes. Delays at Logan International Airport in Boston caused my arrival in Miami to be late, so I spent the night in Miami and arrived in Bogota the next day. One hour before my flight to Pereira, the airport in that city was closed because of a very destructive earthquake that struck the area. I was forced to spend the night in Bogota, both Luisa and I praying that the airport would open the next morning. It did, and I was able to meet Louisa on Tuesday morning. The many problems only confirmed our bond of love. I spent the rest of the week with Louisa and her family. They are such nice people and they treated me very well. I was able to learn much about Colombian life while I was there. Luisa traveled to Bogota with her 2-year-old daughter, Laura, to obtain visas. Again, we prayed and the visas were obtained without trouble. I was able to meet Louisa and Laura at Logan Airport in Boston on May 21.

We were married July 17, in a double ceremony with our neighbors, all was perfect. A new family created, and our dreams fulfilled.

Bruce, we cannot thank you enough. It is nothing short of a miracle, and it is hard to put into words the profound love that we feel in our hearts. Please use our letters and photo in your advertisement to inspire others that may be thinking of looking for love in Latin America. Luisa and I wish them all of the success and happiness that we have experienced.

Best Wishes Always,
Tom, Luisa & Laura
Dracut, MA
Dear TLC,
After 4 months of matrimonial bliss, it only gets better everyday. I joined TLC in 1997, purchasing several videos. I wrote to my sweetheart for a year. I visited Colombia 3 times. She visited America twice. We were happily married in April 1999. Never have I been so satisfied by such a wonderful, beautiful, and a normal woman. We plan to start a family in two years. Thanks TLC. Everything you advertised was true. I never felt uncomfortable or unsafe in Colombia. It is beautiful and warm with friendly people.

Atilla & Marcela
Bethany Beach, DE
Dear TLC,
I am writing to notify you of my marriage to a lady I met on your vacation tour to Cali, Colombia in August 1998.

I began receiving your magazine after a nasty divorce to an American woman and told myself it wouldn't happen again. I needed a woman that appreciated me, did not try to compete with me, and had the same beliefs and values that were important to me. After writing several women and receiving numerous responses to my personal ad, I still had not found the right one. I knew that a Latin woman was what I wanted and needed I found them very attractive, so I decided to take one of your vacation tours. It turned out to be above my expectations. There I met Maria Hernandez. She had never written TLC or any men from TLC, but was invited by a friend to the party. We're both glad she attended.

After the party I returned to Cali one month later and a spent three weeks in September with her where we fell in love. We were married on Miami Beach December 30, 1998, and, we are expecting a baby or possibly two in March 2000.

The one word that describes Maria is devoted. Never have I experienced the devotion and love from a woman as I do from Maria. She is also a Christian, which is very important to me. When we met I was still facing hardship from my previous divorce. I had quit my job, sold everything and moved to Florida. I had no job, an apartment with no furniture, but a big heart looking for love. That was all she wanted.

For the guys who are still skeptics, there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow - go south young man, go south older man, they are waiting for you.

Without you guys it never would have happened and we will be forever grateful.

Best Wishes,
Bryan & Maria
Fort Lauderdale, FL
I am writing to inform you of my recent marriage to Maria Ligia Zuniga Medina. She was listed as K004 in your Spring 1996 issue. She is from Colombia. We were married at the Coffee county courthouse in the city of Enterprise, Alabama. I wrote to her for many months I knew that she was very special from her letters. Also, we were very much alike in many ways. I visited her in the Spring of 1997. I met her parents and all of her family. They were absolutely wonderful. They treated me like a part of their family. She was more beautiful than her pictures. I think that Latinas are the prettiest and most sensuous women in the world. The most important things to them is your love, respect, and security - Not the size of your wallet.

My wife Maria and I both are very happy. We took our marriage vows very seriously. I managed to get her to the states on a fiancée visa. Thank you TLC for your immigration kit. I decided to process the paperwork for the visa myself. Of course my wife was very helpful. I am proof that you can do it yourself with a little assistance from TLC. Once all the paperwork was submitted, shortly afterwards her visa was approved at the consulate in Bogota.

I had no problems with the paperwork. She joined me in the states in May of 1999. It took approximately 4-5 months for visa approval. I do not have a lot of resources, but with patience, and love we are very happy together. I love her very much. If you have been married before, or if you are single. I recommend that you consider a Latina. My wife Maria and I are grateful to TLC for providing us with a road map that would eventually bring out two paths together. I have never been happier. Thank you TLC.

Billy & Maria
Enterprise, AL
Hello TLC,

Thank you for the opportunity to meet my wife through your organization. My name is Gilbert from San Diego, CA. I entered my photo in your men's catalog and received about 80 responses. I selected my beautiful wife Patricia from Cali, Colombia on Oct 1998. We were married April 19, 1999.

I highly recommend your magazine to all the guys out there looking for a good woman but can't find one here in the U.S. There are many loving Latin women looking for a good husband.

Gilbert & Patricia
Chula Vista, CA
Dear TLC,
Through your service I have met my mate for life! When I wrote to Iraida (R-083 in the TLC catalog for the last quarter of 1997), she had corresponded to others before, but hadn't found the "right one"; yet. When she read my first letter and saw my photo, her interest was sparked to write me back. At first, we began talking by telephone weekly. Soon though, we began talking by phone every other day. We exchanged videotapes of each other and more photos and our interest grew to the point that we began not only phoning each other daily, but also video conference by the Internet and exchanged e-mails. We exchanged many cards, poems and special gifts to each other. Finally, one day when she sent me a special wooden plaque for my birthday signed with her love and a special video with love songs and poetry dedicated to me. After visiting her 4 times in Peru, we married there on September 22, 1998. At the wedding reception in her parent's house afterwards, her family and friends showered us with flower petals and, most especially, with warmth and kindness. Later on, we also married here in the US.

Every day now is a blessing. Iraida shows me a loyalty that I thought had passed away with the old movies about romance. She feels like an inseparable part of me. She is more romantic and affectionate than I ever dreamed of. The trust that we have for each other is precious. I am, quite literally, the happiest I've ever been in my life. She is, and always will be, the true and only love of my life.

I am truly thankful for the contact that you made possible for us to meet each other.

Jim & Iraida
Fort Worth, TX

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