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Fall / Winter 2006 Testimonials

The following testimonials are from actual clients who will be published in our "AT" series photomagazine. Purchase our photomagazine to review for only $5.00.

Dear TLC,

I have been married two times. Both times did not work and you are so right when you say things about American ladies. It is so true. Anyway, I was working one day, feeling pretty damn lonely; and I was talking to some of my friends about the ladies in the US and this man heard me talking and said you should try a Latina lady. I thought, “Oh no, not again”, as he told me there was this book he had in his car, called TLC, the Latina Connection. He said for me to take it home with me, and I did.

Then about two weeks later, when I had nothing to do, I was reading a newspaper, and I decided to pick up the TLC booklet. I looked at the first page and said to myself, “There is no way I could ever have one of these outstanding ladies”, so I read on. I saw this one particular lady. Her photo caught my eye, so I kept reading about all the good things these ladies do. “Is this real ?”, I questioned. There were so many pretty ladies. I put the book down for a few weeks. Then one day, the book grabbed my attention, and out of all the photos, the same lady caught my eye. Her name was Stella. So I wrote to you, TLC, and after ordering the ladies addresses, I wrote to some of the ladies. I still could not decide whether or not to write Stella.

I looked through my TLC book again, and there I saw her photo, once again. I felt like God was telling me to write this lady a letter, so I did. At first it was hard, but in your book, it tells me what she is all about. She loves God, and so do I. She is good at home and I like that. Stella wrote me back, and we began exchanging letters back and forth. The computer helped make it easy to understand Spanish. As time went on, I liked this lady. She was from Colombia. I learned more and more about her. She asked me to go over to visit her. You have to understand, I have never gone out of the U.S., so I was nervous about going to visit her. I decided to go visit Stella. When I arrived to see her, you won’t believe how many of her family was there to greet me. It was great. The people were good people. I remember the food was great. Stella’s mother had a friend that knew both English and Spanish. He was with Stella and I a lot. His name is Herne. He was a man of God.

Everything with Stella and I is great. I could go on and on with this letter. Stella and I are happily married now. We now live in the U. S. with her son, Christian, and one more little one named Selena. Selena is just 1 year old. I am very happy with my new family and I would like to thank TLC very, very much. God be with you all.

Gary and Stella
Okeechobee, FL.

Dear TLC,

I attended a singles vacation in June of 2004 to Cali, Colombia where I met my Princess. She arrived here in April of 2005 and we were married on June 18th, 2005. The experience that I had on the singles vacation was great. I’m happy that I am finally married to someone that I love. She loved me first. I wasn’t expecting to propose marriage when I went to Colombia, but I figured that I should make good use of my time while I was there.

I spent my entire week with Naiden and then proposed marriage. I never imagined that I’d find someone so beautiful on the inside and out that loves me so much. She is very intelligent and very sweet. She has gone back to Colombia to visit her family since we’ve been married. She does miss her family, but that is good because it means that she is family oriented. She loves her family and she has so much love to give. We’re planning a trip back to Colombia this year to be married again so that her family can be involved also.

Naiden’s English has come a long way. She had taken some English classes in Colombia, but her English vocabulary was limited. Through talking on the phone and sending E-mails, her English improved dramatically and when she arrived here, she enrolled in an English class for people that spoke English as a second language. In a matter of just a few months, she has learned so much. I’m so proud of her. We’ve begun talking about having children soon. We are both very happy together. I’m glad that I had the opportunity to find such an incredible woman.

Very Sincerely,
Stanley and Naiden
Ottumwa, IA.

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