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Fall / Winter 2002  Testimonials

The following testimonials are from actual clients who were published in our "AI" series photomagazine. Purchase our 32 page photomagazine to review for only $5.00.

Dear T.L.C.,

Thank you for introducing me to my sweet wife. I'm 59 years old and she's 38 years old. She is everything I was looking for in a life mate. I went to your tour in Barranquilla on November 22, 2001. That's where I met the most beautiful woman I ever could dream of, my wife, Teresa. Not only is she beautiful, but she's also a very good cook. It's been a match made in heaven. I would encourage any guy to do what I did, spend the money and go to the socials. There were over 400 women to choose from and only 28 of us. I had my pick of 5 or 6 beautiful women that were interested in me. Luckily I chose Teresa. She has made me very happy. It's a dream come true for me.

My name is Teresa and I first met Mark at the social on November 2001 in Barranquilla, Colombia. We have been together for five months and live very happily in Minnesota. I was lucky to find my husband with the help of your service. Mark and I decided to share our story with other people to inspire them to take a chance at love. I love my husband; he's everything that I ever wanted in a man.

Thank you T.L.C.

Mark & Teresa
Clarks Grove, MN

Dear T.L.C.,

Rida and I got married on April 26, 2002 in Texas. I would have never thought I would ever fall as deeply in love as I have with this lady. Rida is everything and more that I was looking for in a lifetime partner. T.L.C. was the main instrument in our finding one another and we both thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We talked on the phone and wrote to each other for about 3 months. Shortly after, she invited me to spend Christmas in Brazil. She showed me the best time of my life while I was there. After 10 days, I asked Rida to marry me and as you can see she said yes.

Thank you so very much,

Ronald & Rida,
Copperas Cove, TX

To Everyone at T.LC.

Maria and I want to thank you for helping bring us together! We were married June 1st, 2002 after having met only last August (2001). I would like to share this testimonial with your future clients:

"Perhaps your are as conservative as I am, and hesitant to invest your hard earned money without reassurance of results." Please study the photo (I'm the guy with the smile) and imagine yourself in my place. That's exactly where you can be with the help of T.L.C.! We are now very happy as husband and wife. "God bless each and every one of you at T.L.C.!"

Thanks again for your help,

Lee & Maria
Kenneth City, FL

To: T.L.C.

Thanks to T.L.C., I have found a beautiful wife from La Molina, Peru. It is the first time for marriage for both of us. The first time I saw her in the T.L.C. magazine, I knew in my heart that she was to be my wife. She was looking for a Christian man to marry and have 4 children to raise in a nice home. I have been a Christian for 15 years and only dated Christian women who believed in marriage first. Marietha and I decided when we were dating, that we would wait until after we were married because we wanted to be a good example for our children to follow after. I am 41 years old and she is 22 years old. A lot of people look at age as a terrible sin, but there is nothing wrong scripturely speaking. I think that if people studied the age difference of the married people in the bible, they would be more surprised. "I believe that as long as I love my wife with all my heart, be faithful, have eyes for her only and as long as she does the same, for better or for worse till Death do us part." Our marriage should last forever as long as we forgive each other for our mistakes instead of keeping score. Her mother had a prophecy that our marriage would last forever. I hope it comes true!

Thanks again T.L.C.,

Duane and Marietha
Golden, CO

Dear T.L.C.

The best time of my life is now, since I married my wife Marisol from Cali, Colombia. We are completely compatible and ideally made for each other.

Although I'm not a rich man and far from it, my wife provides me with a wealth of love, which in return I cherish her. My Latin wife in all her customs and traditions has taught me the meaning of love. It is her devotion and sincerity that are the building blocks of our relationship.

Our age difference in age from 51 to 32 yrs is a preference rather than a problem for my wife. She loves the security of a man that is settled in his ways.

My wife and I have been happily married 1 ½ years, and we live in a farm in Oklahoma. She helps me operate tractors in the fields, but on the other hand her elegance is second to none. We are planning to have our 1st child in the near future.

Thank You,

Dallas & Marisa
Jennings, OK

Dear Sirs:

Enclosed is a picture of my wife Ligia and I at our reception.

I first saw her picture in your Spring 1999 magazine. She attended one of your functions in Medellin, Colombia, after writing to each other for 4 months. We decided to meet in Aruba in January of 2000. After one week, she accepted my marriage proposal. I returned home and began the paper work for her Fiancé Visa. She arrived in Rhode Island in June 2001 and we were married on June 10, 2001 as planned. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life. I would like to thank T.L.C. for a real life and a good future.


Timothy & Ligia
East Providence, RI

Dear T.L.C.

Well T.L.C., it happened as you said it would. Your magazine with addresses of Latina ladies, led me to my love in Panama. After months of letters and phone calls, I traveled to visit Leiby. A few weeks later, she obtained her passport and tourist visa to travel to California. Soon after, we were married and plan to say this way. Thank you TLC, for a service that truly brings people together.

Best regards,

Gordon & Leiby
Palm Desert, CA

Dear TLC:

I would like to give a grateful "thank you" to the people that work for such a prestigious company as T.L.C. Worldwide Inc. I met Hector through a Personal Listing that was sent to me in April of last year when we started to correspond with one another. Our relationship started out as being friends for about a year. We communicated via letters, telephone and 3 visits by my future husband when he came to see me. Hector and I have planned a lot of things for our relationship and one of them consists of having a baby soon to share that love that we have for each other by starting a family. My husband is the type of man that every Latin American lady is dreaming to have and that is why I thank God for meeting this man. Once again, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we hope that our wedding picture can be published in your upcoming magazine.

Rosario & Hector
Salem, WI

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