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Fall/Winter 2001 Testimonials

The following testimonials are from actual clients who were published in our "AF" series photomagazine. Purchase our 40 page photomagazine to review for only $5.00.

Hi Bruce,

I am finally getting around to that letter I promised you. You state in your magazine that language is no barrier, Stella and I are living proof of that. I tried for 12 years to find what I was looking for in a companion, singles groups, newspaper ads, radio ads, even the bar scene no luck so I decided to look else were. After looking over offers on web sights and ordering pamphlets and videos I finally got up enough nerve to try you're Personal Listing Advertisement. To my surprise I received well over 100 replies from ladies in Mexico, Latin American countries, South American countries, and the Caribbean Islands. Very few were in English but I managed to get them translated one way or another. I selected 6 or 8 and returned the photos of the others as was suggested. Through the use of translators (yours and others) and computer programs several letters were written to each. After six months or so I had settled for 2 ladies. Both were in Cali so I took your 1998 tour to Cali to meet them. As soon as I met Stella I knew that she was what I was looking for. She spoke no English and I no Spanish. Through the use of a pocket translator and her friend that knew English we had a very pleasant visit. We corresponded for a year. I returned to Cali with your tour in 1999 and made arrangements for Stella to get a fiancée visa. She came to the USA a couple of months later and we were married in a wedding chapel in Gatlinburg, Tennessee on 17th of September 1999. Her English has greatly improved but I can't say the same for my Spanish. Things have worked great for us thanks to TLC. On both tours in Cali you had plenty of translators for the social occasions and pool party. With the different options you have (boy advertises girl writes, girls advertise boy writes, take tour and boy and girl meet face on) I would not say which way is best, but my way sure worked for me, as you saw in Cali last month. Thanks to you and TLC.

Robert & Stella
Hartselle, AL

To TLC Worldwide, Inc.

I saw Emely's picture in the 2000 Spring magazine (Z014) and fell in love with her. I wrote her 14 letters before she finally called me one evening. I could not speak Spanish and she could not speak English. However, I got a person who speaks Spanish to call her the following night. So after many such calls she came to Roseville for a visit.

She is the lady I have prayed for, for 10 years. She came here for a month and from the first time we saw each other, we were in love. After she was here three days I asked her to marry me and she said, Yes! It was like we had known each other for years, as she too had been praying for the right man for years.

Emely returned to Venezuela and two months later she returned to Roseville to get married. So on Sept. 26, 2000 we were married at the abundant Life Church here in Roseville, CA.

We both are very happy. Today my wife and her 5 year old daughter are filing immigration papers for citizenship, SSI card and everything a happy family like ours can have. We thank God for his blessings upon us and for bring us together. God bless you all.

Thank You Again,

Charles & Emely
Roseville, CA

Dear TLC,

Thank you for introducing me to my new wife.
We meet in April 2000 and I decided to married her because she is a beautiful, wonderful, and nice woman. We married in October 2000 and we have a good marriage.
I hope it will be this way forever. Thanks again and I hope you have more latin woman and American men getting married.


I am writing to you to give you my thanks because you made it possible for my husband and I for meeting. My name is Jenny from Panama and my husband Jeff is from Wisconsin. And again thank you.


Jeff & Jenny
Montello, WI

Dear TLC:

First of all, I am writing you this letter to thank you for the opportunity that you gave me of publishing my picture in your magazine TLC Worldwide. My name is Marianella and I am from Venezuela.

I want to thank you for the opportunity that you gave us, to me and my husband. Yes! I met my husband Tim through your service. He saw my picture, in your magazine and immediately he wrote me. I traveled to the United States and when we met each other was so romantic we fell in love and got married last December 31st. We love each other so much that we can not be apart of each other. We are living in a beautiful house full of love, romance, respect and honesty. Here I am sending you our wedding picture and I would like you to publish our picture in your magazine as another proof that your service is excellent and wonderful. Today we are celebrating 8 months of being married and happy life together.

Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity of finding true love!

Seattle, WA

Hello Friends from T.L.C. Worldwide.

My name is Timothy, and I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity of meeting the Latin Woman of my dreams. She is now my wife. Now, I am feeling so happy because my dreams came true. I got the perfect beautiful, young and sweet wife who is everything for me.

Seattle, WA

Thank you TLC,

If not for your services, I could have never met Karen. I first saw her picture in the summer 1999 issue. I wrote 2 letters and gave her my phone number. She carried my letters with her for several weeks. Her friends told her not to call me. They said it is to good to be true. When she did finally call me we set up a meeting at Christmas time. It was Great! Latin women are a perfect match for American men. I have never been happier in my life. I made 4 trips to Honduras and Finally was able to bring Karen home with me to Texas. We were married December 3, 2000 and now have a six month old baby girl. If I had listened to all my skeptical friends and family I would have never gotten on that plane! Now they are all green with envy. My guy friends all hate me for being so "Lucky". Their wives hate me for having such a clean housel! Thank You So Much TLC.

Randy, Karen & Alexxil
Weatherford, TX

Dear TLC,

I met my husband through the TLC Worldwide Service. In 1999, I received four men's personal listings, but I considered meeting someone through the service when I saw my future husband. At first, I thought it could not be a trustworthy way of starting a serious relationship. However, I used to work the entire day with zero opportunities for establishing a commitment in Mexico. Finally, I wrote my future husband and he wrote back. From that moment we found many affinities so we decided to meet each other in Mexico, just one month after our first contact. We visited each other every month for six months. We realized we matched in a very incredible way.
In a very involved atmosphere we decided to get married in February of 2000. We shared this joyful moment with our Mexican and American relatives. Now, after more than one year of a rewarding marriage, we are blessed with the love of a baby girl.

Thank You Very Much,
Adriana & Bruce
Atlanta, GA

Dear TLC,

My name is Ana and I want to share with you my happiness. In early August in the year 2000 I received a letter from Richard (now my husband). His letter I felt was passionate and honest so I returned a response. Soon we were talking everyday and in late September also made plans for Richard to come to Cali Colombia. Richard stayed at my families home for 15 days. It was a wonderful time and soon within we planned to get married and spend our lives together.
I arrived in Miami on December 21 and the following day we were married on the beach in Key West. It has been an exciting time for us and we are happy and considering a family soon, but most of all the love and respect we feel for each other and trust is special and we thank you TLC for your assistance and we wish luck to all your future couples!

Yours truly,
Ana & Richard
Rochester, NY

Dear TLC,

Distinguished Gentlemen:

Very cordially I direct myself to you wishing successes in your marriage agency.

Some time ago in the year 1997, you gave me the opportunity to be publish in your catalogs, to have friendship with marriage ends with American men. Since then, I received lots of correspondence and I've met many people.

It was the year 1999 when I received correspondence from Steven, and we begin to know ourselves by means of letters, then by telephone calls and in February of the 2000. He came to meet me in person to my country in Honduras; we formalize our relationship and decide to get married.

Thanks for the opportunity that you offered me in being part of so distinguished agency. Our wedding took place on December 1, 2000. We are sending you a picture of our wedding.

Thank you TLC for the opportunity you gave me and my husband.

Ligia & Steven
Eldersburg, MD

Dear, T.L.C.

After being single for several years, I decided to place a personal ad with your company on approximately October 15th, 1999. After a short time Emilce replied to my ad, and we began exchanging letters and photos of each other and our families.

For several months we shared information about ourselves, family, friends and our every day lives through letters, e-mails and phone calls. We also confided in each other about our individual hopes, dreams and plans for the future. Afterward, coming to the realization that since we enjoyed talking and had many of the same needs and wants, we should get together and meet in person. Emilce estended to me an invitation to visit her and her family.

I decided this was something I very much wanted to do, then I accepted her invitation and in July 15th 2000, I arrived in her country of Colombia, she, her family and friends warmly accepted me and after spending 2 weeks we knew that we were very compatible and every day became more in love with each other, so that by the end of my visit we both realized that we cared very deeply for each other. Eventually we discussed sharing a future together. We decided that we would like to marry and spend the rest our lives together.

When I returned home I started the process to obtain the fiancé visa and after 6 months she and her daughter arrived here April 2001. We are married now and have become a very happy family. We believe that the best way to say thanks is by sharing our experience. We want to say to all people that wish to find their mate this is a great way.

Dennis & Emilce
Corpus Christi, TX

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