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Testimonials Fall 2000

The following testimonials are from actual clients who were published in our "AB" series photomagazine. Purchase our 40 page photomagazine to review for only $5.00.


Mark Wrote:
To: Bruce White and TLC,
I wish to express my deep gratitude and sincere thanks to TLC for the service you provide. I am living proof that miracles can, and do happen. I have met, and recently married the woman of my dreams. Her name is Claudia Liliana. She is from Cali, Colombia and is undoubtedly the most precious gift anywhere in the world. To tell our story in brevity is an impossible task, and only emphasizes the wonderful outcome. Therefore I am compelled to give a somewhat condensed, but a longer than usual testimonial.

A couple years ago, my attitude was similar to many American men. I was discouraged with the expectations placed onto the American man, and the continuous negative attitudes of American women. It seems that society and the media encourages women to view men negatively. To tell you the truth, I nearly lost all hope of ever finding that special woman with whom I could share my life. For these reasons, I decided a different course of action was necessary if I expected to find a soulmate that wanted and believed in old-fashioned family values. Approximately two years ago, I purchased the TLC photo magazine and introductory video. I reviewed the materials, and soon became interested in pursuing this method of courtship. It seemed to make sense, and I was convinced that it could work for me. I then decided to place a personal ad in the gentlemen's catalog. Soon afterward, I received around 100 responses and was amazed at the diversity of women who wrote to me. All of my expectations were surpassed. Because of the incredible number of responses, I knew a vacation tour was inevitable.

After almost one year of careful planning I decided that Cali, Colombia would be the place. On June 17th, 1999 I left Minneapolis, Minnesota to participate in a TLC vacation tour. A mechanical delay in Chicago caused my arrival in Miami to be late, and I missed the flight to Cali that evening. Luckily, I met three other gentlemen in Miami that were also destined for the TLC event in Cali. We bonded together as a group, spent the night in Miami, and awaited our flight the following day. The next day, more mechanical and weather delays in Miami caused a missed connection in Bogota, Colombia. After spending several hours in the Bogota airport waiting for a flight, we finally arrived in Cali merely one-hour before the first grand social event was scheduled.

Ironically, Claudia was the first woman I saw that evening. She was a translator at the function and spoke perfect English. She was young, attractive, intelligent, petite, and sophisticated. I recalled having seen her in the promotional video that I purchased from TLC and thought it both surprising and wonderful to see her in person. Now I have always considered myself an average looking man, shy in nature, and not monetarily wealthy. So I truly thought that this beautiful creature would never be interested in me. As the evening progressed, she translated on my behalf several times. Throughout the countless introductions and conversations with other women, my thoughts remained on Claudia. As the weekend progressed, my shyness kept me from speaking with Claudia on a personal level. I thought "How can I approach and tell this girl of my desire to get to know her?"

Upon my arrival at the Sunday pool party, I was pleasantly surprised to see Claudia was in attendance. She was supposed to translate for a gentleman and his girl, but they somehow did not show. This provided me with a window of opportunity, so I finally mustered up the courage and asked her to sit next to me. Fortunately she did, and we proceeded to talk the entire afternoon. I quickly felt very comfortable around her and wanted to learn more about her. We agreed to have dinner and talk more that evening. Before going to dinner, I had the pleasure of meeting her family and was treated with the utmost respect and thus felt welcomed. There was a certain chemistry between us. We had similar outlooks, beliefs, values, and goals for the future. Perhaps it was love at our first meeting, because I can honestly say that I knew I met my future wife that day.

We said 'good-bye' late Monday evening due to my return flight early Tuesday morning. The next several weeks were difficult. I wanted to be with her and learn more about her. As time passed, we spoke on the phone several times each week and talked for hours, exchanged many photos, and sent numerous e-mails. I began to discover the values in her head and the kindness in her heart. I knew she was incredibly special and I was falling in love with her. I planned to return to Colombia only six weeks later.

The sincere and genuine woman that was waiting for me at the airport was a dream come true. Additionally, I was once again well received by both Claudia's family and all of her friends. We continued corresponding via e-mail and phone conversations for the next couple months. As we grew closer together, we planned for her to visit the United States in October and meet my family and friends. Everyone who encountered this bright and beautiful girl instantly took an immediate liking to her. She is so outgoing, exciting, and genuinely fun to be around. When I returned in December to visit her for Christmas, I proposed marriage on December 26th, 1999. It may sound crazy to most people that I proposed after only six months, but it truly was an easy decision to make. I knew it was right, and felt fortunate that Claudia accepted my proposal. After her coming again to the US in March, and me going back to Cali in May, we were married in the United States on August 5th, 2000 in front of my family and friends in Minnesota. We both take our marriage vows very seriously and intend to spend our entire lives happily together. We are planning to experience a traditional church ceremony this winter in Cali to share our joy with her family and friends.

Everything I've read about the quality of a Latina woman was true. In fact, the explanations I've read fall far short. It is my sincere belief that Latinas believe in loyalty, faithfulness, sincerity, are hard working, and desire to please their husband. I found this to be the opposite with most American women. Claudia is my ideal woman and my lifelong dream come true. Skeptics who think the ladies marry only to come to the U.S. are mistaken. I have only a humble home and my heart to offer her, and that is all she wants. My wife must sacrifice by leaving many friends behind, quitting her job, and leave her family to start a new life in the United States. In fact, she doesn't want to move to the U.S. until January 2001. She feels compelled to adequately train another employee to take her place before she leaves. This is how dedicated and conscientious she is as a person. She is perfect in all ways and can't do enough to please me. She is the most passionate person I've ever met. I am shown love many times a day and in many different ways. My wife is extremely loyal, loving, and more confident than her American counterparts. She is always concerned about my well being because her husband and family always come first in her life. I would swim to Colombia for her if necessary! Meeting and marrying Claudia has changed my life forever.

For all those contemplating joining TLC, or attending a trip to a country TLC visits, I can only offer advice from my personal experience. Please don't hesitate!! You have waited long enough. Having a Latina who appreciates you and your efforts is far better than an American woman that expects them. TLC is well worth the time, effort, and money spent, ..and
it works!! Believe me, and believe your instincts.
Thanks again, Mark

Claudia Wrote:

Dear Bruce and TLC:

Thank you for giving me the opportunity of finding the love of my life and for making me the happiest person alive. Working for TLC during the last 4 years as a translator in Cali-Colombia not only was fun, but also helped me find the most wonderful person in the world: my husband Mark.

I must admit that in all the years I translated for TLC, I never thought I would get involved with an American man. This is not because I had anything against them, but because I thought it was almost impossible to meet the right person in such a short period of time. I thought the couples who found each other at the TLC functions, were crazy to think they had found their soulmate in just one weekend. I just couldn't believe it,. until it happened to me!! When I first saw Mark, I found him extremely attractive, but I didn't let myself get too impressed because I had seen many good looking men at these functions. I had never felt interested enough to know anyone better as a person, and thought it even more impossible to start a relationship with someone. Fortunately, Mark asked for my services as a translator with some other girls. I was then able to discover basic information about him. He had no children, was a Christian, is family oriented, etc. Suddenly I felt the desire to know more about him. When the other girls didn't know what else to ask him, I tried to "help" them by asking him questions that I wanted to know myself!! From the answers he gave, I realized that he was not only very good looking, but also a very interesting person.

The following evening at the Grand Social, I didn't talk to Mark because there were many girls around him and they never left him alone. On Sunday morning at the pool party, I finally found the perfect opportunity to talk to Mark. He hadn't invited anybody and was alone. After talking for almost 5 hours, I knew I didn't want him to "get away" from me,.and he never did!! Mark is a true blessing from heaven, and a precious gift from God. He is completely dedicated and devoted to our relationship, he is loving, kind, loyal, affectionate, romantic, and also my best friend.

Without TLC, this love story never would have happened. I will always be grateful to TLC for making my dream come true!!

My advice to the gentlemen is to travel to Latin America to meet your soulmate. Maybe you can be as lucky as us.

Sincerely, Claudia

Mark & Claudia
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Other Client's Testimonials
Dear T.L.C.,

First of all let me thank you for your service. Without y'all I would have never met the woman of my dreams. The class of women that I was introduced to was hard to believe: I met my wife the first night and fell in Love; we got married one month later. After seeing what is available in Colombia I would never even date a woman in the states again.

On a personal note after ten years of dating here in Texas, I can't remember the last time they thanked me for dinner, drinks and dancing. But yet, they'd want me to ask them out again. I knew there had to be something better out there, and Latin women are the answer !

Thanks Again,
Burelson, TX

We are very pleased to write you about our marriage. The way that we met was fantastic and your service gave it to us. We fell in love since the first letter in 1996. It's going to be four years now and our relationship is the same as it was the first time, pure and sincere. I'm glad that I got married with a Latin woman. She is very sweet, smart and has all the qualities that a great woman needs to have. American women are nothing like Latinas. They are cold, and they do not work hard for a good marriage. The Latin women are very mature. I love my Latin wife ! She is my first wife, and she will be forever.

Thanks you guys, for helping me in everything.

Shawn & Aura
Beaverton, OR
"MI MILAGRO" (My Miracle)

This is my story, true in nature and factual. It is the how, when and why my wife and I first met and our experiences since. This story is dedicated to all people who have hope. Maybe we will inspire others to make the same decisions. Life is too short to live without meaning and happiness.

To begin, let me tell you a little about myself. I am a sales rep. Living in Sarasota Florida since 1979. Moving from Kentucky, life was good and the Florida lifestyle was very agreeable. Being married and having a daughter the all American dream was being fulfilled. Then comes the 90's, when the marriage and the dream seemed to be fading day by day. Trust and honor were being lost in my own family. My life becomes miserable at the least and then in 1992 illness overcame my father in Kentucky. With all of the turmoil at home and this event my esteem and confidence were at its all time low. Also with neglecting my business, I lost over 50% of my accounts, adding only to all the other problems. Next came separation and the ending of over 20 years of marriage. With the next 3 years of battles and phone calls to divorce lawyers, the divorce gets ugly and long. Then again there is no such thing as a smooth divorce.

1994 and part of 95 were lost years for me. Looking for a change, one day a friend of mine gave me a magazine of Latin ladies from Central, South America and Mexico. This magazine called TLC or the Latina Connection, from Houston Texas. This was the beginning of the NEW LIFE ERA for me and my future wife to be. In this magazine were about 600 ladies that were looking for friendship or for possible long-term relations. I had heard that the Latin woman was very loving, respectable, and family oriented so I wrote about 15 ladies and before I knew it had developed a real good sense of writing letters and made about 10 good new friends. This went on for about 3 or 4 months, in the mean time I learned about several Latin cultures and started learning Spanish. Quite an accomplishment for an ugly old redneck from Kentucky.

Then I decided that I really wanted to meet most of these ladies in person and so I began a series of trips all over Mexico, Central America and South America. What a great experience this was. I visited Mexico, Honduras, Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador. Each country has it's own unique characteristics, and meeting these ladies and their families was the greatest and most humbling experience of my life. Beautiful people with open arms and warm hearts. Never once did I feel not wanted or threatened.

Of all the countries that I visited there of course was one that stood out for me to be the best. This country was Ecuador. Here in the city of Milagro, I found a lady and her family that were so special that I felt as lucky as Mel Fisher, finding my treasure of a life time. Let me explain also to you what Milagro means in Spanish. It means "miracle." Need I say anymore? Here in Milagro, Ecuador was a beautiful lady who was extremely educated and had never been married. She too was looking for the right person to come into her life and by publishing her picture and bio, TLC did just that.

Our relationship has been one big happy ride with no end in sight. We got engaged in the summer of 98 and were married in the summer of 99. We have started together an import business of Panama hats and arts and crafts from Ecuador and are doing very well. We have involved the family there and with their help, we now maintain a warehouse and office in Ecuador and a warehouse and office here in Sarasota. Along with my rep. Business is doing just fine, we are not millionaires, but we stay busy and we feel good about what we do. By buying so much merchandise from the artisan's of Ecuador we help a lot of families maintain a better life, my wife and I feel very good about this. We also send back to the artisans a portion of the proceeds from the import business and this is a wonderful feeling knowing we really are helping seeing the money gets to the people who really need it.

Thinking in the past I saw myself going nowhere, especially with American women. Gentlemen I hate to say it but American women have over the past 3 or 4 decades lost a lot of respect for men and have forgotten the true meaning of a loving, romantic and caring relationship. This may not be true in all cases but from what I have seen and I bet I have a lot of backers on this comment; American women are a lost gender. They look at men for personal gains and in many cases financial support toys. In Latin ladies you get attitude, attitude, and attitude. A positive attitude with strong family morals, placing the man as a equal and treating them as real persons and not pawns.

No I do not dislike American women, I just do not think they are family oriented and their values have been changed drastically over the past 30 years. It's not all their fault nor is it the mans fault. It is our society that's been totally turned around and with the fast world we live in life here has become complicated. Gentlemen, my advice to you is think simple. We do not need all of the stress put on us nor do we want to be tied to relations that are one-way streets. Make a change in your life and do as I did and take a chance, Shop for sincere friends and then go and meet them, learn their culture with patience and the odds are you will come out a real happy, happy winner of life. Most of the ladies in Latin America are very sincere, looking a lifetime for the right man to love and dedicate their whole life to. This is a very strong cultural bond that in many ways sets the stage for some of the finest and most loving mates one could ever be lucky enough to find. The men of Latin America are a bit machistos, meaning they do not believe the Latin woman is equal and are there to service them and have their babies, showing little affection and creating a lot of desperate situations for the woman.

To show a Latin woman a little respect and affection will win almost any heart and start an ever lasting relationship made in heaven. Our relationship was that way and after several years of just getting to know one another, we finally agreed and knew that we were going to be soul mates for life. Gracias Dios (Thank God) for all. Our life is just beginning and now with a purpose and a means we are on the train out of the tunnel into a very sunny day going through beautiful valleys and looks like many more to come in front of us.

My wife and I want to thank our friend Robert for giving me the magazine, and I want to thank the wonderful people of TLC in Houston, Texas, for all their efforts on putting together this publication. You are to be commended for such intense interest in this area of match making and bringing people together, if not just for friendship but for us lucky busy who find the ultimate MILAGRO through your unique and wonderful service. My wife and I will always be indebt to you folks at TLC and our story is told to everyone we encounter. HIP HIP HORAA for The Latina Connection !


Steve & Brenda
Sarasota, FL

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