Singles Vacations to meet Hundreds of Single Latin women in only 6 days !
Dear Gentlemen,
I subscribed to your service in October of 1997 and I'm happy to inform you that I was married June 27th, 1998 to a wonderful woman from Venezuela named Teresita. After several letters and telephone conversations I set out to meet my future wife in March of this year. All of my expectations were surpassed. The sincere and genuine woman that was waiting for me at the airport was a dream come true. I proposed in the taxi within the hour. I may sound crazy, but it was an easy call to make. I knew it was right and I feel fortunate that Teresita accepted my proposal of matrimony. I was well received by both Teresita's family and all of her friends, they were all excited to meet me. Teresita and myself are grateful for the service your company provides. As you know Teresita mailed your company a formal invitation to our wedding which took place in Colon, Venezuela. I have passed on your catalog to a few friends who also are disenchanted with American women. Let me say to the men out there that if your sincere about marriage and family and are willing to invest the time and then take action. Write the letters - it works!
Dear Sirs,
I met my new wife through another agency, but it was the immigration kit that I ordered from you that helped me to complete the paperwork for her visa. She should be joining me in the states shortly and I wanted to say Thank you for the help that I have received from your company.
Dear T.L.C.,
I'm writing to provide another testimonial to your wonderful service. I met my wife Sonia Jackeline through T.L.C. I began with T.L.C. in December 1996, and in just over a year I found and married the woman of my dreams in Sonia. I started with a number of addresses that I chose from the videos that I purchased. Later, I was only in correspondence with Sonia. After we had written each other for a number of months, I knew that I had to visit her in Cali. It was a great trip and she and her family did so much to make me feel welcomed and treated me very warmly. My personal visit confirmed the feelings that were building during the time when we corresponded by letters. After a few days I knew she was the one, I proposed and she accepted.

In general, the women of Colombia (and Sonia in particular) are beautiful, warm and kind. They are so very different from the majority of women in the States. And they take great pride in their appearance and they always seem to look so healthy and beautiful and vibrant. I returned in December to visit her for Christmas, and soon after she joined me here in the States in January of 1998. We were married on March 13, 1998. I would add that as beautiful as Sonia is on the outside, she is equally warm and caring on the inside... and very romantic.

Your Marriage and Immigration Kit was a big help. It is not easy to deal with I.N.S., but it helped a great deal to bring Sonia into the States as my fiancee and it took a little less than 6 months. We are very happy together and look forward to starting our own family in the near future.

Yours truly,

Hi Bruce,
Good news! I got married to Marylu January 17, 1998. I met the girl of my dreams at one of your trips in December of 1997 to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The way your trips are structured make it very easy and affordable to see many beautiful, intelligent, warm & down to earth women. Thank you very much. Further up dates to follow.

Your friends,

Dear Sirs,
This letter is to thank your service for helping me and my wife meet each other. We got married in Peru on May 10, 1997. It was a simple, but nice civil ceremony. We have been married for 1 1/2 years. We have a 4 month old baby boy. Enclosed is a photo of our small family. My name when single was: Giovanna L. (Lima, Peru). With Jay I'm here in the States living with my husband since August of 1997. We live in South Carolina.
I sent you a short letter with my information and photos and you got the letter on March of 1996. I was later published in one of your photobrochures. I met Jay on March of 1997.

We're a very happy family and we want to thank you all for that.

Dear TLC,
I have married a woman via TLC, (1997 Summer Issue #2, Page 12, personal ID #P168) Lisbeth from Colombia. We both had found a love and mutual interests in one another. She had received an initial letter from me and then we exchanged letters. After 6 months of correspondence by letter and telephone, we decided to meet and get married January 14th in Bogota, Colombia. She is not only an intelligent and beautiful woman, but she is also kind, considerate, compassionate, and someone of Godly morals and values. We have both found the qualities that we had been looking for in a relationship and marriage. God certainly answered my prayers with TLC's help! Thanks for the service you provide. I can only encourage others who may be skeptical about participating. Enclosed is our wedding photo with this letter.

Thanks TLC,


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