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Unfortunate Tricks Of The Trade

Why risk traveling with an inferior service ?
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   Let’s lump some unethical agencies together, and refer to them as ‘Gremlin Tours’, Gremlin tours are similar to ‘Pinto Tours’ but they use different tactics to entice you into joining their programs. If you trust them, their hype will lead to your disappointment & wasted resources.

    Brief History: TLC Worldwide, Inc. was founded by Bruce T. White, President of TLC in May 1992. In 1992 there were only 3 other Latin Marriage Agencies in existence. Since then, only TLC and one of the original 3 other Services remains in business. (That other service has never conducted a tour).     Now, with the advent of the internet there are approximately 1,000 Latin Dating Tours and Marriage Agencies. Most are individuals claiming to be large agencies and self-proclaimed ‘experts’ in the new found internet dating and tours industry. We don’t mind the competition, we just want these 998 new agencies to operate honesty and ethically.    If not, customers using these services will feel ripped off, jaded, and give up on pursuing a Latin woman before they really get started. That would be a shame.

Here are just a few tricks they use. These embellishments go way beyond ‘puffing’.

Top Ten Tactics of Deception.

Deception #1: 10+ Latin American destinations, 100,000 Latin Women
This alliance of 30+ websites actually has No Offices (anywhere). They are MIDDLEMEN
who find a foreign agency already operating and claim them as ‘their new office’. They
increase the fee charged by the foreign agency 100% to make a 50% commission. They
don’t have any overhead, or customer service. See the ‘Pinto Tours’ expose.

TLC has an office in Houston, Texas. We do not trust any foreign agencies because of potential scams and poor customer service. We prefer a direct (do it yourself), hands on approach to make sure things get done right the first time.

Deception #2: Business Longevity.
They claim to have started tours to Colombia in 1994 but have no evidence to support this. Actually they began operations about 2 years ago.

We started business in May of 1992, and Singles Vacations 2 years later. TLC coined the term ‘Singles Vacations.’ We own and TLC perfected the 6-day 5-night Singles getaway concept to Latin America.

Deception #3: Largest number of women
One site boasts 500-2000 women on their tours. Upon further inspection ( after reading the fine print), they estimate that only 35-70 women will attend their (NEW) Barranquilla socials. They claim 500 women will attend their Cartagena Tour. Actually, only 150 ladies normally attend their event.

TLC averages over 500 Latin women at our Barranquilla and Cali Colombia tours. Lima, Peru averages 700 Latin women. Order our FREE DVD and see the proof !

Deception #4: They will Never Cancel a Tour.
Actually they do it all the time. One ‘expert’ agency (see #8 below) cancelled their Barranquilla Tours twice because of lack participation. But they keep trying, and lying. Besides inferior tours, this is the other reason they won't document tours.

TLC advertises and completes 7 quality tours a year. We cancelled one tour to Honduras in 1998 because of the devastating affects of Hurricane Mitch. A lot of Honduras was destroyed. Since then, the country has been rebuilt and has recovered nicely. A smaller group of 250 women attend, still more than our competitors' tours. Cost is only $799.00.

Dececption #5: Sold Out !
Untruth #5 and #6 actually go together. Here’s how it works. After they complete a tour, they simply mark ‘Sold-out’ on their schedule to mislead you into thinking their tours fill up quickly. This creates a perceived urgency for clients into thinking there may not be room on the tour for them. Their tours to Latin America averages less than 10 men, 35-70 women.

TLC has the experience, the facilities and the most women attending our events, and we can accommodate last minute clients. The problem with waiting is that getting an airline ticket will be very difficult and expensive. Plan early, save hundreds of dollars and TLC will accommodate you. Unlike Russia, expensive travel visas are not required in Latin America. See #6 below.

Deception #6: Bait & Switch - Listing 30 tours per year.
They list numerous tours every 2-3 weeks. They will cancel 80% of these tours or send you to a country alone (see #7 below). Or, they’ll try to steer you into a different tour so 3-5 guys can travel together. See the ‘Pinto Tours’ expose.

We believe in quality tours, with several hundred women attending. Our group sizes range from 12-55 men. We average 10-20 women for each man in attendance. Order our DVD, see the proof. We offer the best destinations in Latin America.

Deception #7: Personal Tours – 365 day/ year.
Travel when you want, unlimited introductions ! See #1 above. Be especial cautious of these ! You might get stuck in a city, not knowing anyone, not speaking the language. Agency introductions are a very tiring, inefficient and costly way of trying to meet someone.

Travel independently if you wish, but get to know the ladies before you travel ! Order our Photo Magazines or Personal Ads. Write to ladies and meet 3-5 ladies in the same city, or go with us on our world renowned Single Vacations and meet as many as you wish.

World's #1 Latin Singles Vacations ?
Lets compare apples to apples & end the debate.

Deception #8: Largest Latin Marriage Agency ? The Undisputed Leader?
A Russian service makes the above claim. Doing a small tour to Cartagena 1-2 times a year will not earn them our title. With this limited experience they audaciously claim to be ‘The undisputed Leader in Colombia’ (while often spelling ‘Colombia’ wrong).

Sorry, guys, but there can be only one Number 1. That’s us, TLC Worldwide, Inc. for 15 continuous years. We know Colombia. We specialize in Latin American women because they make better wives. TLC could feature Russian or Asian women, but choose not to. Accept no substitutes. See #10 below.

Deception #9: Better than TLC, but cheaper.
A lot of hype, even more BS. No proof is offered. Their prices vary. The results also vary. They offer an inferior tour. Often these services suffer from the terminal medical condition called
‘TLC Envy’.
We challenge them to provide written descriptions and photos of each of their tours, just like TLC.

TLC has 11+ years experience perfecting Single Vacations, the most Latin women, and the most Latin Destinations. We document every tour. We consistently produce the best Singles Vacations for a reasonable price. No other service comes close to our social events and famous Sunday Pool Parties. No One. Take the easy test…

Deception #10: Number of Marriages.
Number of Marriages. Agency #8 above has 2 marriages from Latin America. One testimonial doesn’t even have a photo.

TLC has 130+ Marriages on the internet. Every one of our Testimonials was written by the client and shows their photos. Congratulations to them. Could you be our next happy customer ?

   We decided to take time to produce this page and respond to the overblown claims made by a few competitors. We received alot of positive feedback regarding our Micro (Pinto) Tours expose, & various clients requested additional comparisons and tips to avoid being scammed. They understand that an educated consumer has a higher probability of meeting that special lady without wasting time, money, or effort. TLC wants to help all sincere men serious about finding their Latin soulmate.

    TLC Worldwide is not the cheapest service, nor are we the most expensive. We are the originator of Singles Vacation to Latin America, NOT THE IMITATOR. Our socials consistently bring out the largest number of attractive Latin women. It’s been said that “TLC’s worst social is still better than any competitor’s best social.” TLC is the only Singles Vacation Agency that documents each of our Singles Vacations with photos and descriptions. Even though TLC has the most marriages, destinations, and Latin women attending, a few men still choose these inferior greenhorn services to save a few bucks. In the end, they are only shorting themselves.

Call us at (713) 896-9993 if you have any additional questions

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