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Panama City, Panama - August 2001

A great city, a great tour. There is great sight-seeing (the city is rich in history), rain forest tours, sports fishing and other outdoor activities, a variety of dining experiences, and some of the best night life in all of Latin America. We can't state this enough: This is a great starter tour for those gentlemen who have not traveled outside the US before.

This year 25 gentlemen enjoyed the company of nearly 400 attending Panamanian women. These ladies love to dance which kept most of the guys busy. We had a terrific pool party on Sunday. Even the weather cooperated in making this tour a success. We had several fun contests including our own famous alligator races, and a dance contest for the girls. Winners received prizes including TLC T-shirts. Lunch included cheeseburgers, french fries, ice cream and refreshments.

Our next vacation to Panama City is April 25, 2002. Plan early, and you could be one of our happy clients. You might even meet your future wife !

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