Singles Vacations to Meet Single Latin - Lima Tour Photos March 2004, Page 1
Singles Vacations to Meet Single Latin - Lima Tour Photos March 2004, Page 1
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Lima, Peru - October 2004

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   Our springtime tour to Lima, Peru was completed in early October 2004 and the TLC clients had an absolutely wonderful time. The Peruvian women were gracious, the sun began to break through the spring haze, and the nights were pleasantly cool.

    Our Friday event was attended by approximately 250 lovely and happy ladies while our Saturday event was attended by more than 350 highly interested Latin ladies. Our new hotel and grand salon allowed us to open up an outside area for seating and to enjoy the night air. The beautiful Peruvian ladies kept our clients very busy and a former Ms. Peru contestant, Claudia Salas, was also visiting with the American gentlemen. For those of you who did not make the tour, her photo and data ( along with many other attractive ladies ) will be published in our Spring 2005 catalog.

   On Sunday we visited the beautiful La Rosa Nautica restaurant that is located on piers in the Pacific Ocean. The views are breathtaking - with the Pacific Ocean to the west and the cliffs of Lima to the east. The lunch was delicious and several couples chose to dine outside and enjoy the mild ocean breeze of springtime. Next year, maybe one of these engagements could include you.

   On Monday two gentlemen declared that they were officially engaged to be married. Congradulations to both couples. We fully expect another four or five marriages will result from this tour.

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