Singles Vacations to Meet Single Latin - Lima Tour Photos March 2004, Page 1
Singles Vacations to Meet Single Latin - Lima Tour Photos March 2004, Page 1
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Lima, Peru - March 10 - March 15, 2005

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    The 26 men who traveled to Lima, Peru in March 2005 were rewarded with both sunny weather and sunny Latin women. Several of the gentlemen took the 5 minute cab ride to the beach to relax prior to the first event on Friday night. Later, they met more than 250 lovely Peruvian women during the Friday night event. Several of the men met their future fiancees on that night. As usual, TLC provided apetizers, cake, gifts and dancing for the women.
     Saturday night was the most extraordinary event night in the history of TLC events in Lima. More than 500 women arrived on Saturday to greet the visiting American men. Many of the men had hired private translators and they were able to greet and chat with dozens of the eager ladies. And like Friday night, several of the men met their future fiancees on this night.

     On Sunday the gentlemen and their dates lunched at a famous restaurant, El Salto del Fraile, that is perched on a large rock overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The view is both breathtaking and romantic. We all enjoyed a large buffet that included many of the traditional foods of Peru. Perhaps the most interesting food at the buffet was the Peruvian cerviche and the Lucama (Peruvian fruit) cake.

      On Monday many of the men gathered around the hotel's buffet breakfast to compare notes. At least five gentlemen will be begin the process of filing for a fiancee visa and we are certain others will do the same in the coming months. We hope you can attend the next Lima tour because the Peruvian ladies are uniquely lovely and charming.

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