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San Pedro Sula, Honduras - September 27 - October 1, 2002

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Our September 2002 tour to Honduras was an exciting return after a four year absence. The Honduran ladies were enthusiastic and warmly received the American gents. M. The Friday and Saturday events were well attended by the latin ladies with more than 10 ladies for every man. Sunday was an eventful afternoon with our visit to Tela. After a delicious lunch at the Telemar Villas Resort, we walked to the beach for a little, sun, dance, beer and fun. We hated to leave such a scenic and tranquil place. TLC promised the ladies that we'll return in September 2003 with more men.

Honduras offers some of the most beautiful Caribbean beaches in the world

Some of our group poses on the walkway to the beach in Tela

Arthur has his hands full with three lovely chicas

Two lovely latinas chatting with one of the TLC gentlemen

Richard had plenty of dance partners

A cold cervesa and beautiful latina

Fany - standing near a mountain stream outside Trujillo

A peaceful near the pier while gazing at the beautiful blue sea
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