Singles Vacations to Meet Single Latin - Lima Tour Photos March 2004, Page 1
Singles Vacations to Meet Single Latin - Lima Tour Photos March 2004, Page 1
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Tegucigalpa, Honduras - July 2005

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Our July 2005 tour to Honduras was another great success. The 250+ Honduran ladies attending were enthusiastic, and they warmly received the American gentlemen.

Friday morning the gentlemen went sightseeing to "Valle de Angeles", the best place in the area to buy souvenirs. It is especially well known for its hand carved woodwork. Friday night they gentlemen met over 120 single women eager to meet the man of their dreams. They enjoyed good music, dancing, food, and dessert. Saturday night the gentlemen had the privilege to meet over 140 ladies from Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, Danli and the other surrounding cities.
Sunday was a laid back, but eventful afternoon with our visit to "El Patio", a fine local restaurant that served us a typical Honduran plate of Beef shish kabob (pinchos) with refried beans, 'queso fundino' (melted cheese dip), and a serving of squash and cucumbers. After this delicious lunch, some of the gentlemen and their dates went to the new shopping mall. Others headed to El Picacho, a 65.6-foot tall statue of Christ, which offers an amazing view of the city.

Honduras is a small but good starter tour for most men. It is TLC's most economical singles vacation, with reasonable airfares and great purchasing power. The ladies are arguably the most eager, accepting, and tolerant of those of us with various imperfections.
We invite you to visit our Upcoming 2005 Schedule and plan on joining us soon.

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