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Tegucigalpa / Danli Honduras - July 29 - August 03, 2004

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Ten Adventurous men joined TLC and enjoyed the opportunity to meet over 250 ladies who attended our singles events. Most of the gentlemen arrived Thursday, so Bruce arranged for an impromptu sight seeing Tour to ‘Valle de Angeles’ about 45 minutes outside of Tegucigalpa. Valle de Angeles is a quiet town where the local artists make souvenirs and handcrafted furniture. After visiting numerous stores, we stopped at a nice restaurant to enjoy a few beers and a typical meal consisting of grilled beef, beans, rice, tortillas yucca and guacamole. Friday nights’ event including socializing with the 100+ ladies in attendance until midnight.

The next morning, the group traveled 2 hours by bus to Danli, a small city of 40,000 people. We were enthusiastically greeted by more than 150 local women, most of them had never met a single American man before. These women are extremely interested, some breathtaking uncomplicated young women hoping to meet someone special. On Sunday TLC deviated from it’s normal schedule for a happy, very informal pizza party with fajitas, other appetizers, refreshments, dancing and door prizes. We would like to return to Honduras later this year (around New Years) if we can get commitments from 10 men by September 30th. The women of Honduras are the most accepting, the country is safe, and this tour is our most economical. The hotels and airfares are our most very affordable.

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