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Guadalajara - April 2003

The April 2003 Guadalajara tour was another great Mexican getaway for TLC's clients desiring a close destination (only 2 hours from Houston). This was our first tour at the Hotel Roma in downtown Guadalajara. Our events were held in the Grand Salon on top of the hotel and we had beautiful evening and nightime views.

Another TLC conga dance line

Hello guys - from the top of the Hotel Roma in downtown Guadalajara

Dining with blue-eyed and beautiful Mexican women

Enjoying the company of the American men at the La Fonda de San Miguel restaurant

The Mexican women are very affectionate

New friendships were numerous

Hey guys, wish you were here

One of our raffel winners

One of the beautiful Mexican ladies at one of the beautiful plazas
The Sunday luncheon was held again at the most famous and romantic restaurant in downtown Guadalajara. It is a beautiful colonial building with an old but elegant courtyard that serves as the dining area. Filled with parrots, plants and Mexican musicians it provided the perfect atmosphere for couples getting acquainted. In the 1600s, it was a convent for a group of nuns. TLC has used La Fonda de San Miguel for several years and is always impressed with its service and deliciously prepared Mexican dishes. It is rated as the most romantic restaurant in Guadalajara by the Ulysses Travel Guide.


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