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Guadalajara -- April 2001

The April 2001 Guadalajara tour was a true Mexican adventure for TLC's new clients and a happy reunion for past clients. The typical weekend events were preceded by a TLC bonus - a Thursday evening photoshoot of newly recruited Mexican ladies.

Friday's evening event was attended by over 200 women, which was better than a 6 to 1 ratio. The fellows had a great time and the Mexican ladies had them on the dance floor dancing numerous types of dance stepsThe Sunday luncheon was held at the La Fonda de San Miguel restaurant in downtown Guadalajara. It is a beautiful colonial building with an old but elegant courtyard that serves as the dining area. It was filled with parrots, plants and Mexican musicians. At one time, it was the home to a group of nuns. La Fonda de San Miguel is rated as the most romantic restaurant in Guadalajara by the Ulysses Travel Guide.

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