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CALI, COLOMBIA - November 2008   Page 1

TLC's Cali November 2008 tour was a great Event. Over 500 Calenas visited the 19 TLC gentlemen for these events. The client meetings were held Friday mornings with the help of several of our lovely translators. The gentlemen generously donated over $1250 to a local orphanage for small girls. We wish to thank those gentlemen for their compassionate contributions. After the meeting, the men had the choice between relaxing or taking Salsa dance lessons with 4 Latina instructors.

This year several agencies completely canceled their tours, including one agency that told his female clients it was because of snowstorms in the U.S. (which did not exist). Other agencies had less than 10 men and 100 women attend their events. TLC continues to set the standard and offers the best Singles Vacations at any price.

Did you miss another Dance Contest ?

Friday Social

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