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CALI, COLOMBIA - June 2010   Page  - Saturday

Both the Friday and Saturday night events were well attended by lovely Calenas. The events were held on the 41st floor of the tallest building in the city, which provided the perfect backdrop for two romantic evenings. Our socials offer great opportunities to visit with the ladies in a relaxing, elegant and dignified environment. The men had a unique experience that few men ever know. For those nights, they were celebrities in Cali, Colombia.

Saturday Social Kickoff
Saturday Social
Cali Women
Latin Women
Lovely Latin Women
Two Lovely Latin Women
Social Latin Women
Meeting Cali Women
Meeting Lovely Latin Women
Lovely Dancing Latinos

The evenings featured plenty of introduction possibilities, food, refreshments, and of course salsa, disco, and slow, romantic dancing. Later many couples went out to a local disco to continue the evening and to get to know one another better. Our socials last five and a half hours, so it's easy to meet two or three different ladies per hour. Later, individual dates are arranged with your favorite ladies. Continued...Sunday Party

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