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CALI, COLOMBIA - June 2010   Page 1 - Friday

TLC's Cali June 2010 event was an excellent tour with nearly 500 Calenas gathering to meet the 23 insightful gentlemen attendees. We had three social events including Friday and Saturday nights, and the Sunday luncheon which is more date oriented. All of the events were great, with slightly more ladies attending Friday night. Friday night, the women outnumbered the men 12 to 1. It's easy to meet a number of quality ladies with the odds in your favor that much.

Before Friday's Social
Lovely Latinos at Friday's Social
Friday Social
Latin Women
Two Cali Women
Three Cali Women
More Latin Women
More Latin Women
Attractive Cali Woman
Two Lovely Cali Women
Gourgous Latin Woman

Some of you may not know that TLC originated the Singles Vacations concept to Latin America 16 years ago. With a proven track record and experience, there were no surprises or disappointments to this tour. We begin with the Friday morning client meeting which lasts about 2 hours covering a variety
of subject matters to help the men have fun and be sucessful. In addition, our gentlemen clients generously donated $1,000 to a local orphanage to help young girls that we support. We wish to thank those gentlemen for their compassionate contributions. After the meeting, the men had the choices of
going to the local mall, relaxing or taking Salsa dance lessons with the Latina instructors.
Continued...Sunday Party

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