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CALI, COLOMBIA - June 2007 Page 1

   Another great flagship tour to Cali featured nearly 700 ladies wanting to meet the 48 gentlemen participants. Our socials are held in the grand ballroom of the nicest hotel in the city. We provide a first-class environment to help stimulate the social interactions between the genders. Lasting nearly 6 hours per night, its easy and fun to meet 10-15 ladies per evening (after you’ve visually screened the 300+ ladies attending).

  Our method is by far the most efficient method to meet the most Latin ladies in a short 6 day, 5 night getaway. You can literally meet more women in a weekend, than a year of dating locally.
  The gentlemen attending also generously contributed over $1100.00 to a local orphanage of young girls.
  Thank you guys !

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If you missed Colombia, Don't miss Panama 8/02/07 - 8/07/07 !

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