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Another successful "Flagship" Tour featured over 800 beautiful Calenas for the nearly 70 men attending.

TLC's client meeting was held on Friday morning and the men attending generously donated over $2000 to a local orphanage that TLC assists. We wish to thank those gentlemen for their compassionate contributions. At noon, TLC provided a city tour to help the new clients become familiar with Cali, exchange money and visit a local shopping mall where many of the men had a huge grilled steak lunch for under $7.

The Sunday pool party event was another great success. Activities included swimming, horseback riding, fishing and visiting an on-site disco. A typical Colombian lunch was served which consisted of 3 grilled meats, salad, yucca, french fries and local condiments. After a vibrant day, many couples double-dated and went dancing or dining later that evening.

On Monday many American men were seen extending their stays at the American Airlines ticket counter. This would allow them more time to get to know the ladies and their families. Even the weather cooperated in making this tour another memorable event.

Those fortunate men attending both our Barranquilla and Cali 2003 back-to-back events had the opportunity to meet over 1400 Colombian ladies in a 10 day period. Opportunities like this are rare. However, if you make the commitment and plan ahead, you too can experience "celebrity status" with hundreds of single women at an upcoming event.

TLC returns to Cali in December 18 - 23, 2003 for its fourth annual Christmas tour. BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW because airline seats are sold out months before Christmas.

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