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Barranquilla, Colombia - November 2003

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Our annual "Thanksgiving" tour to Barranquilla was another overwhelming success with a large turnout of single Barranquilla women. Most of the men arrived on Thursday afternoon and TLC met them at the airport with a Chivas Bus with a musical band and cold beer. Later in the evening the Chivas bus took the men and some selected women on a tour of the city.

Friday afternoon included salsa and merengue dance lessons. The Friday and Saturday evening events were excellent and the men were extremely impressed with the beauty and charm of the ladies from Barranquilla . (We are expecting numerous marriages in 2004.) On Sunday we had a fun-filled pool party which included a delicious grilled Colombian lunch. We followed lunch with a bikini contest and all of the entrants won a prize. And we sampled numerous tropical drinks made with melon, pineapple, coconut & other local fruits.

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