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Barranquilla, Colombia - June 2005

   The June 2005 TLC tour to Barranquilla began with a Thursday Chiva Bus Party to local disco on the Caribbean coast. The gentlemen and a select group of Barranquilla lovelies danced at the beach in the moonlight. It was a great beginning to a memorable tour and some of the men invited their new lady friend to dance ankle-deep in the surf. Of course, a few cold beers helped the men with their salsa dancing and everybody enjoyed this extra beach mixer.

   Friday was their first official event and the TLC gentlemen were greeted by over 250 happy, appealing Latin ladies. One fellow said, "Things just keep getting' better." The six hour event lasted until midnight and the men had plenty of time to socialize, visit and dance with the ladies. Of course, their translators helped with the communication so everything went smoothly. Continued....

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