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Barranquilla, Colombia - June 13-18, 2002

Another Great Event ! Only 20 American men enjoyed the warmth and charm of nearly 800 Barranquilla women in attendance ! No other service can duplicate our formula for success.

TLC Welcome committee smiles for the camera while awaiting the clients' arrivals

The Chivas bus was filled with tropical music, hostesses, cold beer and happy travelers

Standing room only for 400+ Latinas

Translators are professional and eager to assist you meet any lady at the events

Unlike "second-rate" internet-only services, TLC provides appetizers and refreshments

Because our events last 6 hours, we want every lady to be content and comfortable

Gerry's friends thought he was "nuts" for going to Barranquilla but who is the happy, happy guy now?

Another happy client waiting to be served at the Colombian pig roast

After the Colombian pig roast at the hotel pool, we traveled to the beach for some
"fun in the sun"

Two of the many lovely ladies from Barranquilla

Our tour was an overwhelming success with another large turnout of Barranquilla chicas. The gentlemen had a busy schedule which included salsa and merengue dance lessons on Friday afternoon.

We are never sure about the attendance numbers before an event, but if you procrastinated about this tour, then you really missed something special. TLC did several (above and beyond) events including two socials in addition to our Friday and Saturday night Grand Social Events. Sunday TLC had 2 parties which included a Colombian pig roast at the pool. Then we chartered a Chiva bus and went to a beach club for more activities and a great view of the Caribbean Ocean. Every man was ecstatic about the tour, many experiencing 'celebrity status' for the first time. We return to Barranquilla in November - Thanksgiving weekend.

Make your reservations now !

Some clients visited either Cartagena or Santa Marta, two beautiful beaches less than 90 minutes from Barranquilla. Both are great places to take a date. Many men double dated to share the expenses and fun. We suggest staying extra days after our tours to experience the local scenery, and get to know some of the ladies you've met.

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