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Barranquilla, Colombia - November 2004

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  The TLC Barranquilla November 2004 tour was another impressive success. Despite the late arrival of the Aviana flight on Thursday night, the TLC clients met on Friday morning to review the upcoming activites. The men also met some of the staff and some girls from a local orphanage that we have been helping for several years. The men donated $812 to help fund the dental visits of the 70+ children. Later, about half the men took advantage of the 2 hour dance lessons of salsa and menregue prior to the Friday night's social.

   The 17 American gentlemen who attended this event were thoroughly impressed with the friendliness and beauty of the Barranquilla ladies. The heavy rains during the early hours of the Friday event had the TLC staff wondering if the ladies would arrive in adequate numbers. But the staff's doubts were soon proven unwarranted because more than 300 women drove through heavy rain to meet the men. This was an impressive display of the desire and motivation of these Latin ladies of Barranquilla.


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