The IMBRA Law was recently upheld in Federal Court (European Connections & Tours, Inc. vs. Gonzalez et al.). Because of this, TLC will not be able to sell bulk addresses to foreign ladies. TLC will continue to sell addresses to Latin ladies in the U.S.A, and we will research the possibility of selling individual addresses of Latinas at (when we can fully comply with IMBRA).

In the meantime, you can still meet and marry the Latin woman of your dreams by pursuing one of the following:
1. Online PL’s
2. World Famous Singles Vacations
3. VIP Executive Search

TLC will comply with IMBRA when a client utilizes these services.

International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 (IMBRA)…

International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 (IMBRA) International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 (IMBRA)


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President Bush signed VAWA 2005 Reauthorization into law.

LAW Affects TLC and American men seeking Foreign Wives

January 18, 2006

It is with a heavy heart I will attempt to explain why America continues its feminization process, one bad law after another. For 15 years, TLC Worldwide has helped thousands of American men and Latin Women find happiness through inter-cultural relationships leading to marriage. Although hard statistics are unavailable, all informal studies suggest that these ‘Inter-cultural Marriages’ have a divorce rate much lower than our national average. Many of our previous clients were given a second chance at finding happiness. Without our service, these newly formed units as husband and wife would not have been possible. We have helped people from various backgrounds, occupations, social economic levels, and ages. We are especially proud of the help we have given single parents in meeting their lifemates. We feel that children are better served by having both a mother and a father involved in their lives.

Having been in this industry for some time, I have witnessed the media’s initial attempts to discredit the nature of our business, terming us ‘Mail Order Bride’ Companies, looking for anything sinister to sensationalize for their benefit. But over time, negative stories diminished, replaced with more accurate, truthful and positive stories. Now as acceptance of meeting someone abroad has become more established, the Federal Government has passed a new law to limit your rights of meeting a lady living outside of the United States.

“ Throwing the Baby out with the Bathwater…”

Due to two foreign ladies being killed by their husbands in Washington State (roughly 6-8 years ago), a small group of feminists and a few Senators have been pushing for new legislation to make it impossible for International Dating Agencies to exist and comply with their agendas. Unable to get any support for their new law, they simply added it to a larger bill, the “Violence Against Women Act” (VAWA) recently up for renewal. They knew this previous law would pass easily, so they piggybacked the ‘International Marriage Broker Act of 2005’ (IMBRA) into it. In laymen terms, the law will affect International Romance Industry as follows:

Introduction Agencies (now defined as International Marriage Brokers- IMBS) will be required to do the following before releasing your contact information to a foreign lady.

1. Gather mandatory Client Background Information and documents on the American client’s past criminal history.
2. Provide the gentleman’s Client Background Information translated in Spanish to the lady.
3. Check the National Sex Offender public registry and state public registry for each U.S client.
4. Secure a signed, written consent from the lady before releasing her contact information to the American client interested in her.
5. Provide her a brochure (created by our government) to explain her U.S. rights to her.

Effectively, TLC will be responsible to ‘police’ our male clients seeking relationships.
(This is why TLC will suspend sales of ladies addresses).

Changes affecting you:

First time Petitioners of Fiancée Visas (you the client) will not be effected by this law. Previous petitioners of Finacee Visas may need to wait 2 years before filing for a fiancée visa. If you filed 2 or more fiancée visa petitions in the past, and at least one of them was approved, you must wait two (2) years from the filing date of the last approved petition before you can be successfully approved for another fiancée visa petition. (Exception: Under some circumstances, a petitioner may be able to obtain a section “waiver”.)

Yes, TLC can comply with the new law:

TLC will continue to offer Online PL’s (we have automated the consent process), Singles Vacations and VIP Executive Search because we can comply with the new law. Our biggest fear is that some men will not want to complete the questionnaire, because of privacy issues.

Please take a few minutes to comply with this (unfair) legislation. By not participating you will greatly diminish the possibility of meeting a beautiful traditional Latin Woman. If you don’t participate, the feminists win.

This legislation will hurt foreign women more than American men ever did. Fewer men will join, and thousands of foreign women will stay lonely, living in countries with domestic violence rates 10 times greater than the U.S. Some argue that this new law was not enacted to help protect foreign women, but to curtail your rights and opportunities in meeting a lady residing abroad. After all, there was no statistical evidence submitted regarding Introductory Agency assisted international marriages, subsequent divorces or incidences of domestic violence. Again, all informal studies suggest that inter-cultural couples enjoy a divorce rate percentage much smaller than the national domestic rate of nearly 60%. Continued discussion will certainly result from this as concerned individuals learn of this law’s enactment.

Unfortunately, TLC will not be able to discuss the unfairness of the law with each client. Like you, we are unhappy with any law, which so blatantly violates the civil rights of others, especially without good cause.

We recommend contacting the President, Senators and Congresspersons to voice your displeasure in the law. For additional information, please read the articles above recently published for greater insights.

Best Wishes in Meeting Someone Special.

Bruce T. White

Repeal the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 IMBRA


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