U.S.A Latin women
Edition #9, 82 Latinas
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   This is our nineth U.S.A. Latin women edition. Our expertise and business has been founded on introducing American men to women from Latin America. And, thousands of couples have found happiness through our service. However, based on the demand of a portion of our gentlemen clients, and the supply of lovely American ladies seeking our assistance, we offer this listing of photos and addresses of 82 Latin women living in the USA for only $129.00.
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USA-J01 VANESSA (33) 5�5 115. Finances. An attractive lady seeks a professional & stable man. 2 children. EE
USA-J04 ROSA (43) 5�2 124. Hair Stylist. A Christian man who is ready for an eternity of love. Children. GE
USA-J05 LILIANA (40) 5�4 125. Employee. Loves horses, dancing & exchanging correspondence. Children. GE
USA-J03 THAMARA (34) 5�5 135. Accountant. Would like to meet a spontaneous caring partner who enjoys life. GE
USA-J06 LUZ MARIA (26) 5�3 110. Manager. Seeks a loyal, loving & devoted man 28-40 ready for a commitment. SE
USA-J07 LUCIA (31) 5�3 110. Sales. Hopes to meet a partner who is honest about his feelings & being loved. 1 child. GE
USA-J08 ANA (23) 5�7 135. Student who enjoys working out, museums, cooking & conversing. Man 30-45 without vices. SE
USA-J10 CRISTINA (26) 5�1 105. Student. Cooking, the outdoors & exercising. Prefers a healthy dependable man under 40. GE
USA-J11 YENNY (36) 5�6 132. Sales. Enjoys the beach, movies & nature. She seeks a loving companion 38-50. 1 child. SE
USA-J14 KERINA (25) 5�5 120. Systems Analyst. Prefers an active, responsible and professional suitor 28 - 40. SE
USA-J13 MARIA (42) 5�4 134. Engineer. Seeks love from a romantic, devoted & accepting family man 40-55. Children. SE
USA-J15 YOLANDA (32) 5�4 125. Fashion. Vivacious, happy woman enjoys fitness, traveling & music. Open to age. 1 daughter. EE
These are 12 of the 82 ladies appearing in this special USA Edition. The women featured here tend to be older than our Latin Women Photomagazines. You must call our office at (713) 896 - 9993 to receive this limited edition brochure with or without the addresses.

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