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Why Traveling South of the Border Is Your Best Choice

There are a multitude of foreign introductory services with varying philosophies which produce differing results. Depending on which service you choose can save you time and money, as well as increase your choices in selection of that special lady. The following are just some of the reasons why TLC Worldwide, Inc. and Latinas are your first, best, and most logical choice.

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Singles Vacations Advantages to Latin America

1.  Meet the friendliest, warmest, most beautiful Single Latin women in the world ! Latin Women are renowned for their natural beauty, femininity & traditional family and moral values. Latin women are also very friendly and approachable.
2.  Proximity - Most of our Singles Vacations destinations are short 2 - 4 hour flights from Miami or Houston. These locations are perfect for short & inexpensive vacations.
3. Climate - temperate year round & the perfect getaway in winter months.
4.  Value - The purchasing power of the American Dollar is excellent. Therefore, taxis, food, and entertainment are very inexpensive. Dollars are easily converted. Many Americans and Canadians are retiring to Latin America ! Travel is half priced when compared to time consuming Russian or Asian trips.

Singles Vacations and Single Latin women 5.  Hospitality - Americans are often catered to, and the locals seem to enjoy our open attitude and sense of humor. Latin women admire our way of life, work ethic, and embrace us openly.
6.  Similar Cultures - American influences such as technology, sports, movies, music, and advertisements are prevalent throughout these countries. English schools are numerous. Our cultures share many religious beliefs as well.
7.  Ease of Travel & Time Efficiency - Little or no restrictions, no visa expenditures, no hidden fees, and you need only a passport for travel. Tourist visas are issued in-flight without cost. Our 6 day 5 night vacations are little more than extended weekend getaways. This enables you to easily take time off from work.
8.  The Experience Itself - Many of our clients have commented about how for the first time in their life, they experienced the "status of a celebrity."

Benefits of Group Travel

Singles Vacations and Single Latin women1. Unlimited Introductions - With 300 - 900 Single Latin women present, everyone (no matter how shy) has a great opportunity to socialize. Meeting quality Latin women is easy, fun and rewarding. These social events are "confidence building" to many clients.
2. Price - T.L.C. obtains Group Discounts from hotels and airlines, and pass these savings on to our gentlemen clients. Our values and events are unequalled.
3. Experience - Since 1994, we have conducted numerous Singles Vacations throughout Latin America, and have more experience than all other services combined.
4. Security - We have not had any negative experiences during our tours, but we believe there is safety in the group environment going with experienced travelers.

Single Latin women photos 5. Business Opportunities - A number of gentlemen clients are professionals, own their own businesses, are seeking business ventures, retired etc., and in these instances business networking can be mixed with pleasure during these trips.
6. Friendships - Long-term friendships are started on our tours. Many gentlemen clients double-date, share taxis, and generally assist each other throughout our stay. They often remain in close contact after our trip.
7. Results - Approximately 70% of our clients will form a serious relationship, become engaged or married to a Latin women as a result of their direct participation.

Why TLC ? The Choice is Easy ...

World's #1 Singles Vacations to meet Single Latin women Experience - No one has conducted more Latin Singles Vacation Tours than TLC.
Reputation - TLC is the most widely known and respected introductory service in Latin America today.
The World's Largest & Most Complete Product Line - We have published over 30 photomagazines featuring over 500 Latinas each, and produced 40 videos.
Quality & Values - Superior products and services dollar for dollar.
Personal Service - Our friendly and knowledgable staff can assist you during normal office hours, Monday - Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm CST.
Work Ethic - We strive to continually enhance our products and services to a level that is unmatched by the competition. We publish the greatest number of Latin women, which has resulted in a record number of happily married couples.

We realize that these vacation tours may sound too good to be true. But, from our experience and our numerous successful clients, we are unaware of a more advantageous atmosphere for a gentleman to meet a quality Latin American Lady! You can also experience the festive 'first class' atmosphere of our vacation tours by purchasing our Singles Vacations DVD or Singles Vacations Video (only $5.00) !

World's #1 Singles Vacations Agency to meet Single Latin women

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