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Meet Single Colombian Women
Single Colombian Women singles vacations to meet Colombian women from Cali and Barranquilla Colombia
Meet 1000's of Single Colombian Women on a Colombian Singles vacation to Cali or Barranquilla colombia.

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Colombia has its share of natural wonders. Land of famous rich coffees, spectacular emeralds, hand tooled leather goods, and stunning Colombian Women (Colombianas). Approximately half of the single women in our program come from Colombia, and that's fine with us. This nation's personality is a wonderful potpourri of music, customs, local dishes, dialects, and landscapes. TLC only visits Cali and Barranquilla because of the overwhelming number of Colombian women who attend these events. No other service comes close to our number of Single Colombian women attending.

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Cali - Our most popular site continually brings out the most Colombian women (over 1000 at one tour). An exciting city located between Central and Western mountain ranges. Population is around 2 million. Known for its women, salsa music, cultural sights, and architecture. You won't be disappointed with visiting Cali with us. We visit Cali in June and December each year.

Beautiful Colombian Vacations to meet Colombian Women

Barranquilla - A major seaport and industrial center located between Cartagena and Santa Marta, the best beaches in Colombia. Possibly the biggest "Carnival" celebrations outside of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Colombian women of Barranquilla are a wonderful mix, friendly and fun. Its population is only around one million. The city is hospitable, tranquil, and tropical. We visit Barranquilla in June and December this year.

Bogota - Colombia's largest city with an estimated population of 6 million. Modern skyscrapers preside over Spanish colonial houses, museums, and churches. Known for its restaurants, night life, and shopping. Its ladies are extremely receptive to the possibility of having an American husband.

Medellin - A sprawling and somewhat isolated city centered in a fertile, mountainous region. A commercial and convention center, modern with an enjoyable climate. Known for its hard working middle class, 3 respected universities, and landscaping. Its women have a distinctive look and pleasant disposition. Nearly three million people live in Medellin.

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  June 21 - 26, 2018
#1 Singles Vacations - Meet single Latin women

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