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1.Who is TLC? We are a professional correspondence service who specializes in helping Single latin women living in Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America correspond with North American men. We continuously upgrade our selection of single latin women via advertisements, in international magazines and newspapers, and word-of-mouth referrals. Men are recruited in a similar manner, however we also purchase mailing lists routinely for men, to solicit new business and markets. Our male subscribers pay for the latin womens addresses, photo catalogues, personal data, and ‘How to’ information. Unlike other services, absolutely no cost is incurred by the Latin women (Latin ladies). We are the premiere corporation to bring the Inter-Cultural marriage secret, and into the forefront of International Romance. Divorce ratios among Inter-Cultural marriages are much less than that of domestic marriages. Our old-west and Australia were colonized in a manner similar to our approach of correspondence. Each year we assist hundreds of couples in finding happiness.

2. How does your service operate? Basically, our service has three different, but effective methods in meeting that special single latin woman:


AK381, Rocio

A. Online Personal Ads. This product works great for first-time clients and those wishing to communicate with ladies before attending one of our Singles Vacations. TLC will build you a custom web page and you'll appear on for 6 months for $200, a full year for $300 & 2 years for only $400. Our newest Latin women members will see your profile and interested ladies will write to you first. Every Online Ad Includes your photograph, personal information (translated into Spanish) and address. Only women will view your profile, after being reviewed by us and sent a password. This site is used exclusively throughout Latin America to recruit Single Latin women. This newly upgraded site is growing in popularity and already receives great traffic.

B. You purchase the ladies’ addresses from our photomagazines or "back issues" and you write directly to the ladies. The more latin women you write, the better your opportunities.

C. Join us on a Singles Vacation. Our typical ratio is 10 - 15 women for every man in attendance! Order our latest Singles Vacations DVD for only $5.00 to view the festive atmosphere of our social events. Then call us and plan your time and finances.

3. Why can't the Single Latin women featured in your publication find a husband in their homeland? Most of the single latin women in our publication could find a man locally but they actually prefer a North American man. We are favorably viewed as being hard working, family oriented, and caring. They also find us physically attractive. It's simply a matter of supply and demand. In Latin America there is an overabundance of single latin women (reports range from 3-6 women for every man). In the U.S.A. and Canada there are plenty of quality men who are looking for love also.

4. What about the age factor? Our magazine lists (optimal) ages desired by the single latin women. However, in Latin America, age represents respect and stability. We suggest if you are interested in a latin woman write to her regardless of her stated preferences. Typical age range differences are ten to twenty years, however we have instances where it is even greater. Many times an age preference for her 'husband to be' can be overridden by the attention and correspondence she receives. Basically all single latin women subscribing to our service seek serious relationships leading to marriage.

5. Why $169.00 for your magazine subscription, addresses, and Writing Advice & Tips? Isn’t that expensive? Not at all. First, men who are not sincere generally lose interest in the cost and the effort involved. Second, this restricts our ratio of men to women subscribers, which will benefit the more serious male subscribers. Third, we have spent tens of thousands of dollars searching for the absolutely most desirable women in Latin America. Compare our service to others. There is not a better value in the 'pen pal' industry. Besides, you know that dating in this country often costs $50 - $100 for a single night, without any guarantees or returns (often wasted evenings). Domestic Introduction or Matchmaking Services charge $2,000.00 or more (not including the dating expenses) to introduce you to American women, who may still be carrying the emotional baggage from past relationships. In fact, in the long run, International Romance is actually less expensive than local dating and marriage. Our service is a great value !

6. If the family unit in Latin America is so strong, how can the Latin women leave her family behind? It is tough for her to leave her family. However, both her family and she recognize that her quality of life (relationship & spouse stability, material comforts, medical care, etc.) will increase tremendously. You can provide for her spiritual and material needs as she could have only dreamed of in her homeland. And you will witness (possibly for the first time) honest and sincere appreciation - for virtually all of the small gifts and gestures you give - this includes her family too.

7. Don’t the Latin women who seek marriage just want to leave their country and get a ‘greencard’? This is one of the most absurd questions we sometimes get asked (mainly by American women and unhappily married men). The media has done a tremendous job of creating this untruth. The fact is that intercultural divorce rates are only a mere fraction of domestic divorce rates. Many of our Single Latin women would be happy to live in their own country - if they could find the right husband. Some of our male clients have moved to Latin America after marriage! But, since the Latinas choose not to marry locally, they have added respect for a man who will treat them with dignity, love, and respect. Virtually all of our female clients will follow her husband anywhere!

8. Why don't you sell individual addresses of the ladies like other services? Basically to protect our clientele (see our comparison chart in the Sample Copy for details). We intentionally restrict our ratio of male to female subscribers, thus allowing the men a greater opportunity to receive responses back. Other services sell thousands of individual addresses - normally (only) to the most beautiful women, making your possibility of receiving a reply greatly diminished or impossible. Every day we turn away requests (and money) for sales of individual addresses to protect our loyal subscribers. Our quarterly photomagazines insure you receive ladies currently seeking relationships.

9. What about other services I've seen with rock-bottom prices? These services may have cheaper prices, but typically there is a reason for it. No other company can provide you with more beautiful ladies on a up-to-date basis. No one. Please review our "Customer's Requested Comparison Chart" (click here) for the differences between TLC and other 'bargain' services. There are many reasons why a used Yugo and a new Lexus aren't priced the same. TLC Worldwide offers the best value, dollar per dollar.

10. About the Vacation Tour events - must I be a current TLC client? No, it isn't necessary. Each of our products can be utilized independently or in combination. Approximately 25% of gentlemen participating in our vacation tour events will not have any previous correspondence experience. Others like to start with a personal listing or a photo magazine, establish correspondence (and confidence) before investing in travel. Regardless, we can introduce you to hundreds of interested, available ladies who are seeking relationships - just like you.

11. What about travel to Latin America? Americans are greeted warmly and often catered to. They appreciate our patronage and often go out of their way to assist you. We have not had any problems with safety in any of the numerous countries that we have visited. Safety precautions are the same as any major city in the USA except that the likelihood of violence is actually less in Latin America. While traveling abroad be polite, courteous, and humble. Don’t be an "Ugly American". Friendliness and courtesy is the international language. Let discretion and common sense be your guide. Less restricted and inexpensive than Russia or Asia. Call your travel agent to verify how inexpensive a trip to Central/South America can be, or call Continental Airlines at 1 (800) 231-0856 American Airlines at 1 (800) 433-7300. When you are serious about meeting one or more of the ladies, consider going to your local bookstore and reviewing travel books on Central/South America. We recommend travel books published by Prentice Hall which describes in detail each of the countries, cities, maps, hotels, and most everything you need to know to make your trip productive and enjoyable. Libraries and travel agents are also excellent sources of information. Almost all of the countries listed in our magazine will require a passport. Airlines which fly internationally can tell you exactly what you need for required documents for each of the countries. Apply early for your passport. Obtain and complete a "Passport Application." The Application will explain what you need. Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions before traveling to meet her. Upon arrival, make photocopies of your passport. She should meet you at the airport and introduce you to her family. If she does not, then reevaluate your situation.

Any additional questions? Feel free to call TLC Worldwide's friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives @ (713) 896-9993.
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