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Previous Singles Vacations Highlights in 2004

A few of the beautiful Single latin women that attended our Singles Vacations
Meet that special Latin woman on a Singles Vacations.
Relaxing in the pool on a Singles Vacation, surrounded by Beautiful Latin women !

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Singles Vacations to Colombia to meet single Colombian Women ladies and girls !

Cali, Colombia (December 16-21, 2004) Pre-Christmas Tour
26 resourceful American men enjoyed the beauty and grace of more than 250 charming "Calenas." The vast majority of these men planned their trips months in advance, reaping the rewards of visiting Cali at Christmas. The city puts forth great efforts to decorate trees, buildings and even the river. In Latin America life is often hard, but the holidays are a great opportunity to embrace and rejoice. We varied our socials format somewhat, but we had a great Friday night mixer, Saturday Pool Party and an afternoon Sunday Social. Most of the guys were "newbies," but they learned quickly and witnessed the hospitality of the local ladies, known worldwide for their beauty. We officially had 2 engagements by week's end, and we are expecting several more within the next few months.

Meet that special Latin woman on a Singles Vacations.Barranquilla, Colombia (Nov 25 � 30, 2004) The TLC Barranquilla November 2004 tour was another impressive success. Despite the late arrival of the Aviana flight on Thursday night, the TLC clients met on Friday morning to review the upcoming activites. The men also met some of the staff and some girls from a local orphanage that we have been helping for several years. The men donated $812 to help fund the dental visits of the 70+ children. Later, about half the men took advantage of the 2 hour dance lessons of salsa and menregue prior to the Friday night's social.

   The 17 American gentlemen who attended this event were thoroughly impressed with the friendliness and beauty of the Barranquilla ladies. The heavy rains during the early hours of the Friday event had the TLC staff wondering if the ladies would arrive in adequate numbers. But the staff's doubts were soon proven unwarranted because more than 300 women drove through heavy rain to meet the men. This was an impressive display of the desire and motivation of these Latin ladies of Barranquilla.

.  Saturday proved to be an equally eventful and entertaining night but without the rain. All of the gentelmen gathered phone numbers and addresses of their new female friends. The gentlemen invited some of their favorite new friends to the Sunday pool party.

   Sunday's pool party was held at the Puerta del Sol's pool and we enjoyed the perfect weather, entertainment, and tropical drinks. We had a typical Colombian lunch of grilled beef, pork and chicken, along with potatoes, yucca, salad and a coconut dessert. After lunch several contests were organized by the TLC staff and they included a Men's Best Legs Contest, a Hoola Hoop Contest and a dance contest for the ladies. All of the participating ladies won a prize.

   The November 2004 Thanksgiving tour was a memorable one and all of the gentlemen had found new friends. There is no doubt that some of these new friendships will develop into marriages. Best wishes and Good Luck to all.

Meet that special Latin woman on a Singles Vacations.Lima, Peru (October 7 � 12, 2004) Our springtime tour to Lima, Peru was completed in early October 2004 and the TLC clients had an absolutely wonderful time. The Peruvian women were gracious, the sun began to break through the over cast skies, and the nights were pleasantly cool.

Our Friday event was attended by approximately 250 lovely and happy ladies while our Saturday event was attended by more than 350 interested Latinas. Our new hotel and grand salon allowed us to open up an outside area for seating and to enjoy the fresh night air. The beautiful Peruvian ladies kept our clients very busy socializing, and a former Ms. Peru contestant, Claudia Salas, was also visiting with the American gentlemen. For those of you who did not make the tour, her photo and data will be published in our Spring 2005 catalog.

      On Sunday we visited the beautiful and romantic La Rosa Nautica restaurant that is located on piers in the Pacific Ocean. The views are breathtaking - the Pacific Ocean to the west and the cliffs of Lima to the east. The lunch was delicious and several couples chose to dine outside and enjoy the mild ocean springtime breeze.

      On Monday two gentlemen declared that they were officially engaged to be married. Congradulations to both of these lovely couples. We fully expect another four or five marriages will result from this tour within the next six months.

      TLC also began a new relationship with a children's home in Lima. It is our fifth home or orphanage that we work with in our various tour cities. The home is named Centro Preventivo Salamanco and it is the temporary home for all abandoned children in the country of Peru. The home depends on private donations, and interestingly, is staffed entirely by Peruvian police officers. For more information about this orphanage, you can visit the following web site:

Find Beautiful Latin Women in Guadalajara, MexicoGuadalajara, Mexico (Sept 30 - Oct 5, 2004 ) The Guadalajara tour began with an informal dinner the night before the formal events. Some of the gentlemen and the tour director visited the "La RinConada" restaurant located on the popular pedestrian street of Morelos. After dinner they strolled over to the Mariachi Plaza to listen to the best Mariachi music in the world. The next day began with the team meeting of TLC clients to discuss the evening's events. That night the lovely Mexican ladies arrived and they warmly greeted the visiting American gentlemen. Many gentlemen invited the ladies outside to talk on the terazzo which ajoined the Gran Salon. It was a beautiful evening with a breathtaking view of the colonial buildings of Guadalajara under the stars. Saturday proved to be equally enjoyable for the American men and they were kept busy by the friendly Mexican ladies. As usual, the translators were not only extremely helpful but also charming. Sunday was the final event for the tour and the men invited their dates to lunch at the famous La Fonda de San Miguel restaurant. It is a dramatic and beautiful building from the colonial period that was built over 400 years ago. The couples enjoyed the wonderful lunch and the live music provided by the restaurant.

Meet that special Latin woman on a Singles Vacations.Panama City, Panama (August 5 � 10 2004)This was a solid tour of around 275 women and only 20 men. Panama continues to grow and has earned the nickname of �Little Miami.� A fabulous 4 story shopping mall was recently completed, and numerous skyscrapers are also under construction. The hotel is a 4 star hotel, complete with all amenities and a casino. After the team meeting on Friday, the men were given a sightseeing tour of the city, the Panama Canal, Gamboa Rainforest Resort, and Panama Viejo. The Friday night event was good, but the Saturday night event was even better, arguably with prettier women. After the socials, numerous couples went out for dancing and drinks, coffee or delicious seafood. The Sunday Pool Party was partially rained out, but the participants had fun and everyone enjoyed pool activities, games, and cheese burgers and fries. Panama is often underrated, but this is a great starter city for those men not previously traveling abroad. Give Bruce a call at (713)896-9993 to determine which site is best for you.

Meet that special Latin woman on a Singles Vacations.

Tegucigalpa & Danli, Honduras (July 29 � August 3 2004)Ten Adventurous men joined TLC and enjoyed the opportunity to meet over 250 ladies who attended our singles events. Most of the gentlemen arrived Thursday, so Bruce arranged for an impromptu sight seeing Tour to �Valle de Angeles� about 45 minutes outside of Tegucigalpa. Valle de Angeles is a quiet town where the local artists make souvenirs and handcrafted furniture. After visiting numerous stores, we stopped at a nice restaurant to enjoy a few beers and a typical meal consisting of grilled beef, beans, rice, tortillas yucca and guacamole. Friday nights� event including socializing with the 100+ ladies in attendance until midnight. The next morning, the group traveled 2 hours by bus to Danli, a small city of 40,000 people. We were enthusiastically greeted by more than 150 local women, most of them had never met a single American man before. These women are extremely interested, some breathtaking uncomplicated young women hoping to meet someone special. On Sunday TLC deviated from it�s normal schedule for a happy, very informal pizza party with fajitas, other appetizers, refreshments, dancing and door prizes. We would like to return to Honduras later this year (around New Years) if we can get commitments from 10 men by September 30th. The women of Honduras are the most accepting, the country is safe, and this tour is our most economical. The hotels and airfares are our most very affordable.

Summer 2004 Colombia Singles Vacations Highlights

2004 Singles Vacations Highlights from our singles vacations in Colombia meet hundreds of single latin women in only 6 days ! #1 Singles Vacations Agency to meet Single Latin women meet Single Latin women previous Singles Vacations & Tours from 2004. Singles Vacations to meet single latin women from central and South America !

Cali, Colombia ( 6/24/04 to 6/29/04 ) 900+ Calenas and 50 men attended our annual flagship tour to world-renowned Cali - famous for its beautiful women. Saturday night was one of our largest turnouts ever, filling the Grand Ballroom of the Hotel Intercontinental to capacity. Approximately 100 women could not be admitted because of room occupancy limits. We upgraded the pool party location this year to a private club where the participants enjoyed the pool, dancing, and various games for prizes. Sunday was the highlight of the tour with lovely bikini clad beauties, exotic drinks, and a great typical Colombian lunch of 3 meats, salad, rice, yucca, and potatoes. If you procrastinated again, you really missed 2 fantastic tours and the chance to meet 1500 Single Latin Women seeking relationships. We return to Barranquilla in November 25-30, 2004 and Cali December 16-21, 2004. So you still have 2 chances to join us in Colombia this year. If you can't, then plan on joining us next year on both mega-tours. TLC will be making a special announcement later this year regarding these upcoming world-renowned tours that is unlike anything ever offered in the international romance industry. (But for now, it's our little secret.

Barranquilla, Colombia ( 6/17/04 to 6/22/04 ) 500 + Barranquilla women (and only 15 adventurous American men) enjoyed the festive tropical setting of two great social events and one of our best pool parties ever. We also had a extra Thursday night social that included a Chiva party bus (with a live band) tour of the city and a visit to the disco on the beach. The gentlemen following our advice of meeting 3-4 women per hour left Barranquilla with a life changing experience of dating options and many new beautiful female friends. We hope to post photos of this event along with the Cali event soon, so revisit our site and see why more single men seeking a Latin woman choose TLC than our closest 3 competitors combined.

Meet that special Latin woman on a Singles Vacations.SAN PEDRO SULA, Honduras (4/15/04 - 4/20/04) SAN PEDRO SULA, Honduras (4/15/04 - 4/20/04) Again, this was a small but intimate tour. As usual the latin women out numbered the men 10 to 1, but these young women are arguably the most accepting, down-to-earth, and eager to find a husband. They are not as cosmopolitan as their cousins in other larger Latin cities, but they are nice, pretty women hoping to find romance. On Sunday afternoon we visited the most exclusive private club in the city, Club Arabe. We had a typical Honduran lunch consisting of 3 meats, tamales, plantains, beans, rice and a special coconut dessert. After lunch we swam and lounged by the pool until dusk. We brought a few inflatable pool toys and the latin women enjoyed playing with "el tigre" and "los delfines." Click here to see some of the photos taken at this event. Because of the low attendance by the men, it is doubtful that we will return to Honduras in the near future, and that's a shame.

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(03/18/04 - 03/23/04)
This tour contains to grow and is now our second largest event ( it could soon surpass Cali ). Over 750 Peruvian women attended our Friday and Saturday events, and the 40 men attending were estatic ! Of course TLC conducted photo sessions of most of the ladies, and their photos will appear in the upcoming TLC 'SUMMER 2004' magazine available in late May. Click here to see some of the participants and the fun atmosphere they enjoyed. Sunday was a half day luncheon at one of the most famous and romantic restaurants in Lima, La Rosa Nautica. Located in the ocean, the diners have a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean to the west and the cliffs of Lima to the east. The mild weather cooperated fully to make this tour a truly memorable experience. Click here to see some of the participants and the fun atmosphere they enjoyed. Plan now, and treat yourself to a world famous TLC Singles Event. Intelligent, uncompromising single men overwhelmingly choose TLC over our competitors.. Did you know that TLC takes more American men to Latin America than our closest competitors combined?

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Singles Vacations  to meet Single Latin women
Singles Vacations  to meet Single Latin women
Singles Vacations  to meet Single Latin women

Hotel Discounts !
(5 nights average stay)
Honduras $74/night (cash)
*taxes included
Lima,Peru, $60/night

*breakfast, taxes included
Barranquilla, Colombia $75/night

*breakfast, taxes included
Panama City, Panama $85/night
*breakfast, taxes included
Cali, Colombia $95/night
*taxes included
Because of the strong U.S. dollar and contract negotiations, TLC is able to offer hotel rooms at savings over previous years. TLC only uses 4 or 5 star hotels, which offer more amenities, better security, and an enhanced atmosphere when meeting with the latin women. It is not necessary to stay with the group, however there are many advantages to do so. Call us for assistance or recommendations if you plan on joining us on a future "Singles Vacation" to Latin America. With TLC you have the flexibility of your choice of hotels, airlines, and length of stay.

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