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CALI, Colombia (12/19/02 - 12/24/02) Our third Christmas tour to Cali was a special time for all of the American gentlemen and their new latina friends. The gentlemen had a busy schedule which included salsa and merengue dance lessons given by several of the translators on Friday afternoon. (The lessons were a great help later during the events.) The men enjoyed a warm reception from the ladies of Cali and it was obviously that several of the men had found their future wives.On Sunday we visited the Cali Viejo Restaurant. Being located in a botantical garden, it was an extremely romantic place for our lunch. Our guests enjoyed strolling among the tropical trees, plants, ducks and turtles.

BARRANQUILLA, Colombia (11/28/2002 - 12/3/2002)Our "Thanksgiving" tour was an overwhelming success with another large turnout of Barranquilla ladies. The gentlemen had a busy schedule which included salsa and merengue dance lessons on Friday afternoon and exciting Friday and Saturday evening events. (We are expecting numerous marriages in 2003.) On Sunday we had an exceptional pool party which included a delicious grilled Colombian lunch. On Monday TLC and the Hotel Puerta del Sol hosted a pool party for one of the local orphanages. It was a grand event because it the children only have one or two opportunities per year to visit a swimming pool.

SAN PEDRO SULA, Honduras (9/26 - 10/1, 2002) TLC returned to Honduras after an absence of several years (We wish we could go to every city, every year). We received hundreds of letters and phone calls from the sweet ladies of Honduras and we were given an extremely warm welcome from them when we arrived.

The Friday and Saturday events were well attended by the latin ladies with more than 10 ladies for every man. After the events a number of clients and their new lady friends went to the hotel's roof-top pool and bar for some additional quality time and dancing. Sunday was an eventful afternoon with our visit to the Tela beach resort. After a delicious lunch at the Telemar Villas Resort, we walked to the beach for a some sun, dance, beer and fun. The all-day event was special to all and we hated to leave such a scenic and tranquil place. Now that we have reestablished ourselves in Honduras, we are expecting a larger turnout of ladies and men next year.

LIMA, Peru  (8/1/02 - 8/6/02)     Our First Tour to Lima !!!
Experience, Planning & Enthusiasm = SUCCESS !  You all have heard the saying "If you snooze, you loose," and Lima proved to be a bona-fide Homerun ! Most of you missed the perfect opportunity to meet an abundance of beautiful, eager and excepectional Peruvians at our inaugural tour to Lima.   650 - 700 Peruvian women attended our events, along with only 20 gentleman clients. The ladies were enthusiastic, and TLC promised them that we'll return in February 2003 with more men.

Lima had more ladies in attendance than any first tour in the 10+ year history of TLC. In a few short years we believe Lima will challenge all other tour sights for the most popular destination.

CALI, Colombia (6/20/02 - 6/25/02)  Another successful "Flagship" Tour featured over 900 beautiful Calenas for the 50 plus men attending. TLC's client meeting was held on Friday morning and the men attending generously donated over $2000 to a local orphanage that TLC assists. We wish to thank those gentlemen for their compassionate contributions. At noon, TLC provided a city tour to help the new clients become familiar with Cali, exchange money and visit a local shopping mall where many of the men had a huge grilled steak lunch for under $7. The Sunday pool party event was another great success. Activities included swimming, horseback riding, fishing and visiting an on-site disco. A typical Colombian lunch was served which consisted of 3 grilled meats, salad, yucca, french fries and local condiments. After a vibrant day, many couples double-dated and went dancing or dining later that evening. Those fortunate men attending both our Barranquilla and Cali 2002 back-to-back events had the opportunity to meet over 1700 Colombian ladies in a 10 day period. Opportunities like this are rare. However, if you make the commitment and plan ahead, you too can experience "celebrity status" with hundreds of single women at an upcoming event. We will be posting photos of these events shortly so you can witness the adventures "second hand." TLC returns to Cali in December 19 - 24, 2002 for its third annual Christmas tour. Buy your tickets NOW because airline seats are sold out months before Christmas.

BARRANQUILLA, Colombia (6/13/2002 - 6/18/2002) Another Great Event ! Only 20 American men enjoyed the warmth and charm of nearly 800 Barranquilla women in attendance !  No other service can duplicate our formula for success.Our tour was an overwhelming success with another large turnout of Barranquilla chicas. The gentlemen had a busy schedule which included salsa and merengue dance lessons on Friday afternoon. We are never sure about the attendance numbers before an event, but if you procrastinated about this tour, then you really missed something special. TLC did several (above and beyond) events including two socials in addition to our Friday and Saturday night Grand Social Events. Sunday TLC had 2 parties which included a Colombian pig roast at the pool. Then we chartered a Chiva bus and went to a beach club for more activities and a great view of the Caribbean Ocean. Every man was ecstatic about the tour, many experiencing 'celebrity status' for the first time. We return to Barranquilla in November - Thanksgiving weekend.

.PANAMA CITY, Panama (4/25//02 - 4/30/02) The TLC Panama tour in April 2002 was blessed with sunshine and scores of beautiful Panamian women. Over 30 American gentlemen participated in this annual tour and it was preceded by the TLC bus tour of the Panama canal and the city of Panama. After the bus tour the gents had only a few hours to prepare for the Friday event. The ladies began arriving at the beautiful Continental Hotel at 6:00 pm and the fellows we busy for the next six hours. Saturday's event was larger and it was held in the Grand Salon. The American men were impressed with the sincerity and beauty of the ladies. A total of over 350 women attended the Friday and Saturday events and many new friendships were formed. The Sunday pool party was held at the hotel's elegant pool - surrounded by tropical plants and palm trees. A light 30 minute rain shower briefly interrupted the party but afterwards the food was grilled, the drinks served and fun was had by all. On Monday, for those who wished to participate, TLC hosted a pool party for 43 little girls at a local orphanage. They loved all of the inflateable pool toys and several of the men organized pool games for the girls. In addition, the men donated over $1300 for the needs at the orphanage. (for more info about the orphanage view )

GUADALAJARA, Mexico (2/20/02 - 2/25/02) The February 2002 Guadalajara tour was another Mexican adventure for TLC's clients. The weekend events were a happy reunion for past clients and an exciting experience for the new clients. The men met on Friday morning at the team meeting to visit with TLC's tour director and get briefed on the upcoming events. The weekend's events were attended by over 200 women, which was better than a 9 to 1 ratio. The fellows had a great time and the Mexican ladies had them on the dance floor dancing numerous types of dance steps. And there were many available senoritas for the non-dancers to meet at this tour. The Sunday luncheon was held at the La Fonda de San Miguel restaurant in downtown Guadalajara for the second year in a row. It is a beautiful colonial building with an old but elegant courtyard that serves as the dining area. It was filled with parrots, plants and Mexican musicians. At one time, it was the home to a group of nuns. La Fonda de San Miguel is rated as one of the most romantic restaurants in Guadalajara by the Ulysses Travel Guide. Overall this was another great experience for those insightful gentlemen willing to travel to another country.

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