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CALI, Colombia (12/20/01 - 12/25/01) Our second Christmas tour to Cali was a special time for all of the American gentlemen and their new latina friends. Twenty-five men attended this tour and unfortunately another eight or ten were left behind with airline tickets being sold out. The gentlemen had a busy schedule which included salsa and merengue dance lessons on Friday afternoon. (The lessons were a great help later during the events.) The men enjoyed a warm reception from the ladies of Cali and it was obviously that a number of the men had found their future wives.On Sunday we visited the Cali Viejo Restaurant. Being located in a botantical garden, it was an extremely romantic place for our lunch. We had a record 62 guests attend our lunch and all enjoyed strolling among the tropical trees, plants, ducks and turtles. Buy your tickets NOW for this year's Christmas event (Dec 19-24, 2002) because airline seats are sold out weeks or months in advance.

BARRANQUILLA, Colombia (11/22/2001 - 11/27/2001) Our "Thanksgiving" tour was an overwhelming success with another large turnout of Barranquilla chicas. The gentlemen had a busy schedule which included salsa and merengue dance lessons on Friday afternoon. A majority of the men met a new and special sweetheart during the Friday or Saturday night events. (We are expecting numerous marriages in 2002.) On Sunday we had an exceptional pool party which included a delicious typical Colombian lunch. And on Monday TLC and the hotel hosted a pool party for one of the local orphanages. It was a grand event because it was the first time most of the children had been in a swimming pool.

MONTERREY, Mexico (9/20/01 - 9/25/01) TLC's first tour to Monterrey, Mexico in September 2001 was warmly received by the ladies of this modern, industrial city. It was a unique experience for the ladies and they all hope for TLC's quick return. The gentlemen stayed in the Howard Johnson Hotel in central Monterrey. The hotel is located next to the MacroPlaza, a mile long pedestrian-only street lined with restaurants and shops of all types. The social events were attended by nearly 400 Mexican women. Our first Monterrey engagement was announced prior to our Sunday luncheon. The Sunday luncheon was held at Bacchus restaurant in the area known as "Barrio Antiguo" or the old neighborhood. It is the oldest neighborhood in Monterrey with many of the old homes having been remodeled to serve as restaurants, clubs or art galleries. Nearly half of our gentlemen clients drove or took a bus from the U.S.

PANAMA CITY, Panama (8/2/01 - 8/7/01) A great city, a great tour. There is great sight-seeing (the city is rich in history), rain forest tours, sports fishing and other outdoor activities, a variety of dining experiences, and some of the best night life in all of Latin America. We can't state this enough: This is a great starter tour for those gentlemen who have not traveled outside the US before. The American dollar is the official currency of Panama, so you won't have to exchange money. We hope to build this location up to 40 men and 450 - 500 women in the future.

This year 25 gentlemen enjoyed the company of nearly 400 attending Panamanian women. These ladies love to dance which kept most of the guys busy. We had a terrific pool party on Sunday. Even the weather cooperated in making this tour a success. We had several fun contests including our own famous alligator races, and a dance contest for the girls. Winners received prizes including TLC T-shirts. Lunch included cheeseburgers, french fries, ice cream and refreshments.

Our next vacation to Panama City is April 25, 2002. Plan early, and you could be one of our happy clients. You might even meet your future wife !

CALI, Colombia (6/14/01 - 6/19/01) The TLC tour to Cali, Colombia in June 2001 was another great success. A majority of the seventy men were making their first visit to Colombia and they enjoyed the Friday sightseeing tour of Cali the afternoon before the first grand event. More than 800 women arrived to meet the men on Friday and Saturday nights and the events provided plenty of music, dancing, apetizers and tropical drinks. The most notable success story was that three brothers from Washington state who all became engaged during their visit to Cali.

Make plans early to join the TLC to Cali in December 2001. This tour smaller and more intimate than the June tour. Last December the gentlemen enjoyed the companionship of the lovely and charming latinas of Cali during the Christmas holidays. They also participated in the week long celebration know as La Ferria. And some of the gentlemen became friends with some of the South American beauty queens competing in the Pan American Beauty Contest. Make your reservations now to attend this festive and charming TLC tour.

GUADALAJARA, Mexico (4/19/01 - 4/24/01) The April 2001 Guadalajara tour was a true Mexican adventure for TLC's new clients and a happy reunion for past clients. The typical weekend events were preceded by a TLC bonus - a Thursday evening photoshoot of newly recruited Mexican ladies. The American gentlemen were invited to mix and mingle with the ladies during this photo session and TLC hired translators to assist. Later, the men met on Friday morning at the team meeting to visit with TLC's tour director and get briefed on the upcoming events. Friday's evening event was attended by over 200 women, which was better than a 6 to 1 ratio. The fellows had a great time and the Mexican ladies had them on the dance floor dancing numerous types of dance steps. And there were many available senoritas for the non-dancers to meet at this tour. The Saturday evening event was attended by more than 100 women and featured our first engagement at approximately 11:00 pm. The Sunday luncheon was held at the La Fonda de San Miguel restaurant in downtown Guadalajara. It is a beautiful colonial building with an old but elegant courtyard that serves as the dining area. It was filled with parrots, plants and Mexican musicians. At one time, it was the home to a group of nuns. La Fonda de San Miguel is rated as the most romantic restaurant in Guadalajara by the Ulysses Travel Guide. Overall this was another great experience for those insightful gentlemen willing to travel to another country. One client commented, "Every single man should go on a Singles Vacation at least once in their life before getting married."

BARRANQUILLA, Colombia (2/15/2001 - 2/20/2001)
Over 600 Ladies, Only 20 Men!
Our "Valentines" tour was an overwhelming success with a huge turnout of local ladies. Only 20 gentlemen attended this tour, making it a lopsided, but a great event for those attending. We had an exceptional pool party which included "alligator" racing and "chicken fights"in the pool. A delicious typical Colombian lunch was served. Some clients visited either Cartagena or Santa Marta, two beautiful beaches less than 90 minutes from Barranquilla. Both are great places to take a date. Many men double dated to share the expenses and fun. "Carnival" activities were the following weekend, so the entire city was preparing for this anxiously awaited festival. We suggest staying extra days after our tours to experience the local scenery, and get to know some of the ladies you've met.

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$70/night for Nov 28-Dec 3 tour

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Guadalajara, Mexico $83/night
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Panama City, Panama $85/night
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Cali, Colombia $100/night
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