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Spanish is the primary language of Central/South America. Even if the Latin woman of your dreams speaks no English, it is still possible to communicate with her and form a relationship. The world is a smaller place it is normally easy to find an interpreter, use pocket translators (we recommend Seiko Sll #TR2200), dictionaries, or use bidirectional computer programs. Most of our marriages have occurred between men who initially speak very little Spanish and ladies that speak little or no English. With your assistance, many Latinas learn English in just a few months! This early inconvenience is a small price to pay for long-term happiness.

Unlike women from Asia, Russia or other parts of the world, Latin women can easily adapt to our culture because of an already present influence in the U.S. of the Spanish culture and visa versa. How many people do you know who speak Chinese or Russian? Spanish has a lot of crossover words (same in English as their Spanish counterparts). These words are called cognates, and there are literally thousands of them already in your Spanish vocabulary. The Chinese and Russian alphabet looks nothing like the alphabet that we use. Both Spanish and English use the same Latin alphabet of 26 letters. Russian's use the Cyrillic alphabet which is totally different and much harder to learn and speak. Some services mislead you into believing all of their ladies speak excellent English. You could be in for a real shock with them!


Round trip air fare to many Central and South American countries is less than $500.00. Rooms with air are usually less than $50.00, and meals are generally less than $10.00. Virtually everything is much less than comparable accommodations in the U.S. More and more North Americans are retiring to Mexico, Central & South America each year.

The costs to visit countries such as Eastern Europe, former USSR, and Asia are much greater than Latin American countries. The costs are at least double, triple or more, depending on the country and various travel factors. Traveling to Central America is not only less expensive but much quicker and easier, with less restrictions. The overall climate (temperature and hospitality) is much more comfortable and friendly in Latin America all year round, and especially winter ! Call your travel agent to verify how inexpensive a trip to Central & South America can be, or call Continental Airlines at (1-800-231-0856) or American Airlines at (1-800-433-7300). When you are serious about meeting one or more of the Single latin women, consider going to your local bookstore and reviewing travel books on Central/South America. Many of our clients have met, been married & honeymooned for under $2,000.00.

When compared to expenses of the local dating scene, and the price paid financially and emotionally through divorce and the (domestic) relationship "meatgrinder", its amazing just how truly inexpensive a trip to Latin America can be. An American fiancee (and her favorite jeweler) recommend a 2 month salary guideline just for the purchase of the engagement ring! This does not even begin to include wedding, reception and honeymoon costs. Many domestically married men find themselves making payments on the engagement ring & wedding - long after she's gone. NOTE : Additional WRITING ADVICE & TRAVEL tips will be sent with your first order of addresses.


1. Acceptance. No matter what shortcomings you may have, you will find that the latin women are very accepting, warm, and accommodating. Single Latin women understand the dilemma American men face with relationships here in the U.S., and they don’t care if you’ve been divorced. Your character is most important to them. Countless times we’ve witnessed men who had almost given up on happiness - and then later find it. Our numerous testimonials and countless marriages bear this fact out.

2. Appearance. Although your appearance is secondary to your sincerity level to the latin women, their physical attributes are often breathtaking. Virtually all of our gentlemen clients who are successful find themselves in love with a latin women younger and more beautiful than they could date locally. We demonstrate this continuously in our quarterly photomagazines and Singles Vacation videos. Where else have you seen so many attractive Latin women seeking relationships?

3. Background and upbringing. Unlike women raised behind the Iron Curtain under previous Eastern European communist rule, most Latin women were raised in loving family environments who attended church, and voted in democratic elections. Their formative years experiences are probably comparable to life here in the U.S. in the 1950’s. Without governmental controls & social programs, Latin womenhave a strong work ethic and learn responsibilities early in life. Most of our gentleman clients are seeking the traditional, family, and religious values that these ladies have possessed for centuries.

4. Climate. Very hospitable year round, and especially during the winter months. There are countless activities depending in your interests. The beach, mountains, and forest areas provide scuba diving, hiking, fishing, camping, as well as various sporting & sight-seeing for relaxation. Many locations have year round weather comparable to Hawaii, all of which offers great vacation getaways.

5. Culture. Their culture is similar to ours except for the material items which many of us do not appreciate. This includes diet (they actually eat healthier), the arts, pastimes, religious beliefs and politics. These philosophies are very important to all Americans (North, Central & South) and their children. Any slight "cultural-shock" you may experience is much less than traveling to Asia or Russia. All religions and free enterprise activities were banned under communist rule in the former USSR for over 70 years.

6. Mail System. You’ve noticed that TLC Worldwide, Inc. does not offer stamp sets or an express mail service. With letters going to Latin America, those services are simply not needed. That means you don’t pay extra when corresponding with Latin women. The Latin Postal systems are not as fast or reliable as ours, but they are 100X better than Russia’s postal malfunction, where correspondence takes 2-3 months. Letters to Latin America average 7-10 working days for airmail delivery and about the same return time. Thus, you could expect regular airmail (costs only about 60 cents) turnaround in about a month.

7. Opportunities. It’s true that your best opportunities for finding a compatible women is in Latin America, but some men are also taking advantage of business (new treaties such as NAFTA or GATT), real estate, and retirement possibilities south of the border. We notice more & more Americans, Europeans, and even Japanese when we visit Latin America now. There is much more business activity today than there was 6 years ago when we first started traveling south.

8. Personalities. single latin women are renowned for their warmth, friendliness, and feminine nature. They are not uncomfortable in the presence of a "strong man." Nor are they discriminatory based on your age, economic or physical stature. Most are accepting (see #1 above) and seek only a man who is responsible, respectful, caring, and able to express love. Latin women feel that American men can best reciprocate these small gestures and provide them a descent standard of living.

9. Proximity. As you can see on any world map, most destinations can be reached to Latin American (from Houston or Miami) in only a few short hours. Flights on Continental or American Airlines are numerous, extremely comfortable, and affordable. Many flights are direct flights without layovers. Travel is safe, fun, and inexpensive. A Single Latin woman is the best sight-seeing guide you can have.

10. Variety. It’s a proven fact that we publish more Single Latin women than any other Latin or Russian service. We believe that a larger selection means that you have more choices when establishing a loving relationship. Some services only publish women from the "elite classes"- physicians, teachers, engineers, lawyers, etc. We publish latin women from all walks of life. We let you decide the type of latin woman you prefer. This includes occupations and physical characteristics.


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