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Writing, Language, and Travel Advice

Section I
Writing Advice
Section II
Section III
Traveling Abroad


A. Write the ladies!
Before any success can be achieved you must take the initiative, and write! Be positive about yourself - stress your good points. Discuss your interests, job, characteristics, personal likes/dislikes, and your city of residence. Do not mention material possessions. Material possessions should not be important to your future wife. Do not be negative about American women. It isn't necessary. "American women's reputations speak for themselves." Latinas know why you desire them, even if they ask you why later. Use common (easily translated) English words. Ask her to tell you more about her, ask for her phone number, if desired. Avoid slang. Write legibly. Most importantly, always send a good, recent photo of yourself. Smiles work better than tough guy or sourpuss photos. Some clients send a postcard of where they live along with a personal note.

B. Explain to her that you are a subscriber to T.L.C. Worldwide, Inc.
and customize your letter to her. Since you are a North American man, you gain her respect and attention. Virtually all latinas know of another Latin lady who has already married a North American Man with successful results. Be personable. Only write to those ladies you are genuinely interested in, but...

Note: We have found that the men writing to more ladies have been more successful with this program. It's simply a matter of matching up with the right person. Your chances will go up with the more letters you write. Your penmanship will also improve.

Many times we publish a photograph of a lady which does not truly compliment her. Later we (or the men writing her) receive a photo that would have made our cover page. Consider writing to some of the less attractive ladies and ladies with children since they receive less mail (or none) compared to the more beautiful women (beauty is only skin deep). These women are even more appreciative of a mature, responsible man. Her children may prefer to stay with relatives (because of school and friends). Each of the ladies have good traits and qualities you may have never experienced before. Unlike our domestic women, Latinas are not confused about their gender or responsibilities. Compliment her on what interests you about her (appearance, biographic data, etc.). Keep early letters upbeat and simple. Avoid past relationships (Latinas are very jealous), money topics, and politics in your initial letter.

C. Be sincere, honest, and realistic.
In other words, treat her the way you would wish to be treated! Use common sense! For example: if you are an 80 year old man, please don't bother 18 year old ladies. The age factor does not count as much in Latin America as here, but please use the values in this step (c), as well as a degree of realism. Please don't play games with these women. They don't deserve it! If you like playing games, stick with American women and all of their problems.

D. Be patient.
Sometimes (not often), the international mail could take 3 - 4 weeks each way. Normally, turnaround time is less (about 2 weeks each way,) depending on the country, and time of year that the letters are sent. Correspond numerous times with the ladies. Get to know them. Take your time. Also, understand that the basics of life are important and expensive to these ladies. That is the main reason Latin women are appreciative of small (non expensive) gifts, gestures, and life's basics. Stamps and photos purchased by the ladies are expensive, often 1/2 to a full days' wages. When they write you, this denotes she is serious in corresponding with you. Write her back - as soon as possible. If you are truly interested, write her several times without receiving her response. Take the initiative!

E. Write!
See A through D above and repeat these steps. Possibly have a friend or family member proof read your draft, and make suggestions. If you are not interested in a lady writing you, please send her photographs back to her, thank her, and tell her that you have met another lady. This will give her another chance to match up with someone else!

F. The Envelope to her is also very important.
Print her address clearly and legibly with an extra line provided for her country, and either Central America (C.A.) or South America (S.A.) after the country. Semicolons (;) denote a new line of the address on the envelope. Print the country name in bold letters and underline. Also (very important), print AIRMAIL in capital letters (in red ink) on the front of the envelope and underline. Only use airmail rates,; Commercial class takes forever! Rates: For foreign Airmail outside of Mexico and Canada the rates are as follows. Approximately each 1/2 ounce of Airmail from the USA costs 60 cents. Be sure and weigh your letters before sending. Other carriers such as Federal Express, U.P.S., DHL, or others listed in the Yellow Pages under "Delivery Service" should be considered for security (insurance) factors and delivery expedience (after serious correspondence has been achieved). When sending small gifts or cash you may decide not to use regular US Postal Service (without insurance). Often these items go missing and the lady never receives them. Telephone your local post office for additional information on registered mail, or any additional questions regarding international rates or customs. Note: The Post Office now has "Express Mail" (around $18.00) available to many cities in Latin America.

G. Sending money.
Never send cash. Sending cash guarantees that your letter will not be received by the lady. Try sending Money Orders or use Western Union at 1 (800) 325-6000 for sending funds or telegrams. The Post Office also sells International Money Orders, and can help you send registered letters. We recommend not sending money until you have a high degree of confidence in your relationship with her. Be suspicious if she asks you for any (material) sum of money. Marriage costs should only be paid on your arrival, after you are assured of your wedding plans. If Purchasing airline tickets for her to visit you, make sure they are refundable to you only! Ask the airline how to do this.

H. Use common-sense principles in becoming engaged or later in getting married.
Use the same principles and methods as you would in a relationship here!

1) Get to Know each other. Take your time.

2) Acknowledge shared interests and goals (and also differences)

3) Most importantly - meet her family. Make sure they are good people and they welcome you whole-heartedly into their family. If you do not feel welcomed, reevaluate your situation.


Once you have decided on a Latina wife, consider
these tips to aid you in the communication process:

1. Letting TLC Worldwide, Inc. assist you in translating letters
both sending and receiving. Our normal rates are $15 1st page (per different letter), and $10/page thereafter.

2. Buying a Spanish/English Dictionary.
Practice pronunciation (normally in the front of the book) and common words ($3 - $8).

3. Purchasing an inexpensive cassette/manual (course)
combination for studying Spanish while in your car. Or enrolling in an (informal) Spanish class - to help you get started ($8 - $35).

4. Seiko translator (model SII, TR200) can also be used in assisting
in your translation, and is invaluable when traveling abroad in Spanish speaking cultures ($20 - $40). Available at many larger Office Supply stores, K-Marts, and Wal-Marts

5. Using Free (Basic) Translator services available on the Internet.
These pages offer basic translations from English to Spanish and vice versa, as well as a large variety of other languages it can translate from. These services are offered by SYSTRAN, a nationally recognized translation service. A few others are located on our Links page. These free sites are not for complicated translations.

6. Using a more advanced translation software package
available from most software and book stores. These programs offer more in depth translations straight from text documents, e-mail, or web pages. We use Translator Pro.

NOTE: When deciding on a translation software, check to see if it has the capabilities of bi-directional translation -- It can translate from English to Spanish AND Spanish to English. With most software packages the translations are not always accurate, so having this feature will double check the accuracy of your translation.

7. She can also assist you in procuring an English/Spanish translator
for your visit with her. We may also be able to assist you in locating a translator in Honduras and Colombia. Normal costs range from $3 - $5 an hour or $25 per day and up (plus expenses).

8. You run an ad for a Spanish speaking person
in the help-wanted section of your local newspaper to assist you. Community College or University students practicing Spanish may also be interested in helping you.


A. Not Expensive
There seems to be some concern about the expenses to travel to a foreign country and meet the lady of your dreams in person. The fact is that the entire process is probably much less than you expected. Round trip air fare to many Central American Countries is less than $500.00. In addition, the room accommodations and restaurants are inexpensive. A comfortable room with air is usually less than $50.00, and meals in very nice restaurants are generally less than $10.00. Virtually everything is much less than comparable accommodations in the US. Call your travel agent to verify how inexpensive a trip to Central/South America can be, or call Continental Airlines at 1 (800) 231-0856 or American Airlines at 1 (800) 433-7300.

When you are serious about meeting one or more of the ladies, consider going to your local bookstore and reviewing travel books on Central/South America. We recommend travel books published by Prentice Hall which describes in detail each of the countries, cities, maps, hotels, and most everything you need to know to make your trip productive and enjoyable. Libraries and travel agents are also excellent sources of information. While traveling abroad be polite, courteous, and humble. Don't be an "Ugly American". Friendliness and courtesy is the international language. Let discretion and common sense be your guide.

B. Documentation
Almost all of the countries listed in our magazine will require at least a passport. Airlines which fly internationally can tell you exactly what you need for required documents for each of the countries. Apply early for your passport. Obtain and complete a "Passport Application." The Application will explain what you need. Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions before traveling to meet her. Upon arrival, make photocopies of your passport, including the photograph page and the entry stamp page.

For more information on the above topics, please visit our book site featuring
FREE Preview Chapters (Available Online Only) @
"The Romance Zone."

We hope this page will assist you in your endeavors. Please contact us if you have additional information that would assist others. Thank you and Good Luck!

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