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World's # 1 Latin marriage agency to meet single Latin Women"In Introductions to Latin women, TLC is the Innovator,
Not the Imitator.

Since 1992, TLC Worldwide, Inc. has been the Latin Introduction Leader by:

Publishing over 40 glossy Photomagazines featuring over 20,000
Single Latin women

Producing 50+ Live action videos containing Latin women interviews

Originating the "Singles Vacations" concept to Latin America

Continuous publishing of our famous Online Personal Ads seen by thousands of single Latin women.

Publication of "The Romance Zone," our Online guidebook (available      Online Only) to Single Latin women from Central & South America.

Special (value) packages resulting in 4000+ happily married clients

No other company has more published testimonials than TLC Worldwide, Inc.
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T.L.C. Worldwide is a Texas Corporation founded in May, 1992 for the purpose of assisting American men in meeting Single Latin women. Due to the popularity of this concept, we now offer Singles Vacation videos, Personal Printed & Online advertisements, guided Singles Vacations and our famous quarterly photomagazines. We publish “The Latina Connection” (registered with the Library of Congress ISSN #1094-4575) photomagazine every 3 - 4 months which features over 500 new Single Latin women each issue. T.L.C. Worldwide is the preferred introductory service of gentlemen serious about establishing a relationship with a quality Latin woman.

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Many reasons. Proximity, quality and the sincerity of the ladies, and their beliefs and backgrounds! We could have chosen women from Russia, Asia or anywhere else in the world, but after 11 years of operation, there remains only one choice: LATIN WOMEN!

Her life is centered around her family, her husband and children, (similar to American women from generations past). These women would rather complement her man, than compete with him. They offer us faithfulness, understanding, religious values, motherly instincts, and most importantly, beliefs. Beliefs that marriages are onetime and perpetual, and that a man should not be judged by material possessions, physical appearance, or age, but by his heart, mind and soul. Many Latinas have knowledge and negative experiences of men with (truly) macho attitudes prevalent today in many countries around the world.

North American men are respected and desired by Latin Women. Also, Latin Women are attracted to North American men, the same as we are attracted to their big beautiful eyes, long thick hair, and natural tans. (Doesn't it seem like a lady from Latin America

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AD255 LILY (19) Colombia
5'6, 114lbs. Student.
wins the ‘Miss Universe’ title every year or two? Normally the top positions of the Miss Universe contest are dominated by Latin Ladies ! Our Latin ladies are not professional models, but whose occupations range from simple laborers to professional positions. Please browse through our publication and observe the impressive qualities these special ladies possess for you and what they desire in their ‘life-partner’. Virtually every woman who has written to us seeks serious inquiries (only) for permanent relationships leading to marriage

It is not important if you have no previous experience corresponding with a lady living abroad, or been unsuccessful with other services. Now you can take the initiative and find the lady you have dreamed of by first exchanging information via letters, then telephone calls and finally meeting her! This is precisely the method we used in getting married. It requires some work, but the process is fun and immensely rewarding. Whether or not you are previously divorced will not affect the latinas' interest in you.

Latin Women Singles Vacations to Meet Latin Single Women

Most of our clients have been previously divorced, but many others have not. The common bond that all of these men share is 1) a desire to meet an old-fashioned, appreciative lady, 2) having a commitment not to settle for something less than they deserve, and 3) taking action. We believe that real men do not want to compete with their spouse and vice-versa. Our American society is suffering from "role and gender confusion" promulgated by the radical feminists. We can thank these feminists for our 50-70% divorce rate problem and our unequal system of "No-Fault" divorce - which promotes family breakdowns with women and attorneys being the benefactors. That's precisely why women initiate divorce proceedings at a rate more than double that of men. American women often use men for materialistic gain, children, and then later (after divorce) for child support and alimony as long as legally possible. With the female role models that women in this country have today, no wonder they are so belligerent, angry, selfish and confused.

We hope you are ready for a change and welcome you to T.L.C. Worldwide, Inc. and a new beginning. Let your own personal adventure and the rewards start now!

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