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CALI, COLOMBIA - June 2013   Friday & Saturday Night Socials

TLC's Cali June 2013 tour was an excellent tour with over 300 eager, lovely Calenas (ages 20 - 50) visiting the 19 fortunate TLC gentlemen attendees. As usual, the Friday morning client meeting lasted about about 2 hours with a variety of subject matters being covered to answer the mens' questions, and help them have fun and be successful. After the meeting, the men had the choice between going to the local mall, relaxing or taking Salsa dance lessons with the Latina instructors before the start of the first social at 6:30 Friday evening, which lasted until 12:00 am (midnight). The advantage of our tours is to meet a number of quality single ladies in a short period of time.

The Friday and Saturday night socials were held on the 41st floor of the tallest building in the city, which provided the perfect backdrop for 2 romantic evenings. Our socials are 5 1/2 hours long and offer the chance to visit with the ladies in a relaxing, elegant and dignified environment. You can easily meet 2 - 3 ladies per hour and get to know them, and later follow up with a date. The men had a unique experience that few men ever know. For those nights, they were celebrities in Cali, Colombia. Both evenings featured plenty of introduction possibilities, food, refreshments and of course salsa, disco, and slow, romantic dancing. Later many couples went out to a local disco to continue the evening and to get to know one another better. Continued...Sunday Party.

Friday & Saturday

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